Advocating for better and healthier living during the now normal, global insurance company MAPFRE has emphasized the value of both life and non-life insurance products during these difficult times.


With the series of unpredictable events that have unfolded in 2020, many Filipinos have still to recover from the mental impact that came along with it. Based on data released by the National Center for Mental Health, calls to its crisis hotline more than doubled to 3,819 in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year.

Pandemic-related stress has drastically increased and likely resulted in feelings of fear, anger, and frustration. Adding to these concerns, the country was hit with 22 typhoons last year, affecting thousands of families due to the destruction of their homes. With the unpredictable nature of events that occurred, many look for one solution to address these concerns moving forward — protection of one’s health and assets for a better state of mind. This is why MAPFRE aims to promote having a peaceful mindset through the various products and services they offer.

MAPFRE has made recent strides to ensure they provide products and services that cater to the current needs of Filipinos, particularly during the pandemic. Last March, MAPFRE partnered with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to extend non-life insurance products to the PRC Prestige Members including Accidental Death and Disablement Cover, Unprovoked Murder and Assault Cover, Term Life Coverage, and Fire Cash Assistance. These benefits cover emergencies (including COVID-19 related), illnesses, disasters, and even death subject to insurance cover terms and conditions.

Property insurance is among those that have increased in value since Filipinos have been stuck in their homes due to the lockdowns and the amount of typhoons the country experiences yearly. These have made it more essential for homeowners to be equipped with property insurance for better reassurance.

“Insuring and protecting our homes can keep Filipinos away from all worries in tough times, especially during the pandemic and typhoon season,” said MAPFRE CEO and President Tirso Abad.

An average of 20 typhoons hit the Philippines every year, with about a quarter of them being very destructive, per a report from the Asian Disaster Reduction Center. In Marikina alone during Typhoon Ondoy, which destroyed 70,000 houses and 2,000 buildings, total property damage was at PHP 2 billion. Securing one’s self and property with reliable insurance that has comprehensive calamity coverage is crucial  for the protection, quick recovery, and peace of mind of any property owner especially during the typhoon season in the Philippines.

Efforts to go digital have also benefited MAPFRE’s insurance process and claims procedure to become faster and more efficient. With the MAPFRE Insurance Virtual Office, a web portal, MAPFRE’s agents were able to take a more proactive role in client interactions with a network that allows them to distribute and independently issue policies, access account for renewal, instantly draft quotations, and process payments and claims using QR codes.

With all these learnings gathered in the past year, acquiring protection for oneself, family members, and surroundings is an important aspect that everyone must consider to overcome feelings of uncertainty. With MAPFRE’s steadfast approach in serving the Filipino people through better client servicing, relevant products and services as well as enhanced claims procedures, the company will continue to do its part in encouraging a better piece of mind in the now normal.

Echoing MAPFRE’s long-standing advocacy and commitment of “we will take care of you,” Abad further stated,

“Filipinos have always been resilient despite the ongoing uncertainty of the country’s current state. It’s within the best of our abilities to make sure their lives and dignities are protected beyond just products and services but through meaningful initiatives that enable better health seeking behaviors.”

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