Tanduay had a 17% sales increase in the past year, making it one of only three rum brands in Drink International Magazine’s The Millionaires Club, to record a growth in 2020. Three million cases were added to its sales from the previous year, propelling it to the World’s Number 1 Rum ranking for the fourth consecutive year.


“To contextualize the harsh trading environment for rum throughout the pandemic, just three brands in our list saw a rise in sales in 2020 compared to six in the previous year. However, this downwards curve further highlights the extraordinary results for Tanduay, achieved through the company’s aggressive export strategy,” stated Drinks International Magazine.

It noted that 2020 has been “one of the most challenging years on all fronts in recent history, and the global spirits industry has suffered greatly under the strangehold of COVID-19.” Citing Euromonitor International, it added that global spirits consumption fell by around 8.5%, or around 200 million 9-liter cases fewer, in 2020 compared to the previous year.

For the rankings, Drinks International Magazine collected accurate data on 155 million-case brands from public company reports and requested results. It then calculated growth from the actual volume data supplied.

In the same issue, Drinks International Magazine also shared the key trends in the industry in the past year: the surge in the ready-to-drink market, e-commerce, and the development of low/no alternatives.

“We are truly grateful to our customers here and abroad for their patronage of our products. We are also very thankful to our hardworking team for continuing and strengthening our research and marketing efforts. Our international partners have also been crucial to our success in the most recent years,” said Tanduay President and CEO Lucio Tan III.

Tan added that this year’s recognition is more meaningful for the company.

“Not only were we able to retain our number 1 position but we did so during a year filled with challenges,” he said.

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