If you’re a hip-hop fan in search of your next anthem, Max Dylan and his latest single “+LEGENDARY+” is maybe what you’re looking for.

“The title is self-explanatory. It’s about four dudes being legendary,” he grins. “Gusto ko siya maging youthful and almost like a flex sa mga haters. I wanted to drop a single na sobrang rockstar, if you know what I mean.”

Max says he wasn’t inspired by anything in particular when he wrote this song. All he wanted to do was create something powerful and raw. He did that by giving himself over to the strong emotions he felt when he first heard the beat.

“I felt na sobrang tumugma yung vibe niya sa energy ko nung time na yun. At the time nakaramdam ako ng rage, teen spirit and youth,” he explains.

Max Dylan

Max is the kind of artist and person who’s not afraid to shake things up. When he was in elementary school, he became a Green Day superfan. He was also drawn to artists like Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne. Their aesthetics and energy inspired Max to forge his own path when it comes to fashion and music.

“It might be mysterious and weird to some, pero ganito talaga yung gusto ko noon pa,” he says of his new look, which he debuted at the same time as “+LEGENDARY.+”

Max collaborated with three other hip-hop greats on “+LEGENDARY+”: AkoSiDogie, JRLDM, and King Promdi.

“Nung una kong ginawa yung kanta, alam ko na agad kung sino yung gusto kong makasama sa recording. Sina JRLDM at King Promdi talaga yung una kong naisip kasi at the time, kalalabas lang din nung kanta nilang ‘Eighteen’ na napakalupit. Ang lupit ng tandem nila. Si Dogie naman, naisip kong isama kasi nakatrabaho na rin niya si King Promdi dati.”

Together, the four of them represent the dawning of a new era in OPM, specifically the local hip-hop scene. Max has definite ideas of what needs to happen in order for it to grow—so much so, in fact, that talking about it gets him all fired up.

“May iba kasi diyan na sobrang sarado na ang utak. I understand that may kanya-kanya tayong taste, kaso yung mentality nilang ganun holds us back. Madami pang sounds ang pwedeng ma-introduce dito. Once we move past their way of thinking, it’s only a matter of time para kumalat sa Pilipinas yung new sounds na sinasabi ko.”

With his devil-may-care attitude, Max Dylan is exactly the kind of shot in the arm Philippine hip-hop needs.

“If I were to describe my music, no boundaries siya. It’s innovative and true to who I really am. In the future, I want to show everyone kung ano ang kaya kong gawin as an artist,” he says.

“+LEGENDARY+” is out now on all digital music platforms. 

About Max Dylan:

Max Dylan is all about sticking to his guns no matter what. His influences include Kendrick Lamar, Lil Uzi Vert, and Ron Henley. Max describes his creative process as laid-back, and his music as “unapologetically him.” He goes where inspiration takes him when writing songs, and it usually takes him to exciting places.

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