If you want to stay cool and smelling fresh all day especially when you’re always on the go, try these two new deo body spray scents – AXE ICE CHILL and AXE ICE BREAKER.


Enhanced by Frozen Mint, AXE ICE CHILL leaves you smelling fresh and feeling cool up to 11 degrees Celsius. While AXE ICE BREAKER gives you the combination of Mandarin and Winter Lemon that will surely give you that needed extra confidence to really break the ice with anyone.

I do a lot of biking, that’s how I go around and commute these days. And I plan to do the same even when this pandemic is over.

With this kind of lifestyle, it’s really important to always have some clean spare clothes inside your waterproof backpack for work or that meeting you’re headed to. Because you’ll sweat a lot and you absolutely have no control of the elements outside.

You will also need a good bottle of your favorite body spray and preferably something that will cool you down after a hot ride, just like the two new scents of Deo Spray.

These two new ice cool scent provides an instant cooling effect so you can stay chill and confident any time and anywhere.

Get these at the Unilever Personal Care Shop during the Shopee 7.7 Mid-Year Sale.

Because you’re hotter when you’re chill, grab yourself an AXE ICE CHILL and AXE ICE BREAKER Deo Body Spray!

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