UNIQLO will launch its UNIQLO+ LifeWear collection in select locations around the world, from Monday, June 14, with some markets introducing it earlier. Under an ‘Everyday Performance’ concept, the new consumer line is the fruit of joint innovation efforts with Sweden’s top athletes to support health and better living, maximizing comfort and performance in everything from working out to life on the go.

Contributing to health and better living for all

In 2020, UNIQLO established its first team brand ambassador, with 13 Swedish current and former athletes. Known as UNIQLO TEAM SWEDEN*, these athletes have collaborated with UNIQLO on a range of projects that underscore a shared dedication to quality, innovation and sustainability, and to the pursuit of athletic perfection internationally.

UNIQLO+ LifeWear was inspired by direct input and testing feedback from UNIQLO TEAM SWEDEN athletes, as well as other UNIQLO global brand ambassadors. Items in the new collection optimize comfort, even in sweltering summer conditions, so people everywhere can lead healthier, better lives.

UNIQLO TEAM SWEDEN includes current athletes and two sporting legends from Sweden. UNIQLO TEAM SWEDEN members represent the sports of boxing, canoe, football (soccer), long jump, mountain-bike cross-country, sailing, swimming, table tennis, wheelchair table tennis, and wrestling.

The science behind the comfort of UNIQLO+

The new Laboratory (Weather Simulation Chamber) in the Basic Research Institute of UNIQLO CITY TOKYO (UNIQLO Headquarters) was a key factor in the creation of the UNIQLO+ collection. The Laboratory conducts weather tests to reproduce midsummer temperature and humidity conditions and performs functional experiments to map heat, perspiration, and movement zones on the human body during exercise. UNIQLO used findings to enhance breathability and moisture permeability for the collection. For a perfect finish to the line, UNIQLO employed Sweden’s blue and yellow, light gray, and other colors that remain cool for optimal style and comfort.

Employing recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing techniques

UNIQLO+ LifeWear reflects an enduring commitment to functionality and sustainability. Fabrics used incorporate recycled polyester made from collected PET plastic bottles and polyester fibers made from renewable biomass. Parkas in the collection employ fluorine-free water repellents. To create the knitwear, UNIQLO also used techniques that minimize material losses.

UNIQLO+ LifeWear Lineup

DRY-EX Polo Shirt

Quick-drying, with antimicrobial properties to neutralize odors from sweat. Enhances breathability, particularly in high-perspiration areas, to keep wearers comfortable, even in summer.

Php 1,490.00

Dry EX Crew Neck T-shirt

Quick-drying, sweat-absorbent fabric, ventilation holes on the back, and a waist area made of light and breathable Air dots material.

Php 1,990.00

Ultra Stretch Active Pants

High quality ultra-stretch material for a light and comfortable fit, with Air dots material inside pockets for enhanced breathability.

Php 2,490.00

Light Pocketable Parka

This lightest-ever UNIQLO parka is handy for repelling water in sudden rain.

Php 2,990.00

Knitted jacket

Employs a proprietary yarn to reduce weight and provide stretch. Vents in the center of the back, which is particularly prone to perspiration, optimize comfort by allowing vapor to escape.

Php 3,990.00

Ultra Stretch Active Jacket

Provides outstanding ease of movement with high-quality, ultra-stretch fabric and an ergonomic pattern that frees shoulder and elbow motion.

Php 2,990.00

Ultra Stretch Active Short Pants (Men) \ Ultra Stretch Active Knee Length Pants (Women)

High quality ultra-stretch material for a light and comfortable fit, with Air dots material inside pockets for enhanced breathability.

Php 1,490.00

UNIQLO established the Basic Research Institute at its Headquarters in 2019 to apply scientific techniques to develop LifeWear. The facility exists to optimize human comfort and activity, by studying the body shapes, physiologies and living conditions of people the world over, also leveraging data from suppliers and third-party organizations to perfect apparel functionality. The Institute’s Laboratory replicates global temperature and humidity conditions, and solar infrared and ultraviolet radiation conditions, to better evaluate human heat, motion, and garment-pressure data.

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