Filipina Actress and chart topping singer Nadine Lustre is the first EQUAL Artist of the Month and is featured in the cover of the Philippines EQUAL playlist. 

Nadine Lustre

As you may have seen, last month Spotify unveiled its EQUAL hub in celebration of International Women’s Day. On the heels of this launch, the leader in all things audio will now extend its global commitment to fostering equity for women in music with its new EQUAL Music Program.

According to the USC Annenberg study funded by Spotify on representation of women in the music industry, only 1 in 5 artists in the charts are women. Yet the influence of women artists has been integral to Spotify and the music industry at large. To begin to upend this disparity, Spotify will amplify the work of women creators by extending its resources and generating more opportunities for these artists, by creating a global, cohesive, branded experience with the EQUAL Global Music Program. 

This global initiative is uniquely designed to foster gender equity in music by adapting and extending the cumulative blueprint of Spotify’s successful programs into a cohesive experience by supporting female creators under one brand.

Named as the first ever EQUAL Artist of the Month for the Philippines, Nadine Lustre hopes to inspire women creators to continue honing their craft and using their talents to champion for equality. 

“I’m stoked to be part of EQUAL along with other female artists. I hope that, through our songs, we can inspire others to never stop being creative—to constantly trust themselves when tapping into their imagination—so that they feel compelled to create and share it with the world.” said Lustre.

The full program includes:

  • EQUAL local playlists, which will be reflected in 35 markets spanning more than 50 countries from Japan to Argentina and the Philippines to the U.K.
  • EQUAL Global Playlist: The “best-of” flagship playlist will contain music from EQUAL artists from all around the world, as the ultimate listening experience amplifying the EQUAL class of each month beyond borders.
  • EQUAL Artists of the Month: One artist from each participating market will be featured on the cover of their respective local playlist.

Spotify’s inaugural class of EQUAL artists kicking off the program include Nadine Lustre  as the very first Filipino artist to be featured on the playlist cover of the EQUAL Philippines playlist. Other featured artists around the world are Saweetie (US), DUDA BEAT (BR), Griff (UK), Natalia Lafourcade (MX), and Zoe Wees (DE/UK). 

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