Sinantolan is unique to Bicol cuisine and is equally as rich and delicious in taste as Laing.

Que Rica’s Sinantolan is slowly and silently taking over family brunches and weekend soirees, it’s a huge hit for lovers of Bicolano coconut-based dishes, for foodies who enjoy a mouthwatering spread of local goodness, and for people who want to get to know local heritage right in their own homes.


Made from minced cotton fruit (santol) simmered in creamy coconut milk with salted baby shrimps and aromatics, the Sinantolan is traditionally eaten as a viand on the side of grilled or fried fish. Its light pink color (from the salted baby shrimps) gives it that nice contrast with fish or meat. While a tasty dish on its own, people have discovered more delightful ways to indulge in the flavor-packed, sour-salty santol meat.

Perfect Pairings

As a starter, the Sinantolan is great served as a dip, slathered generously on crackers or dolloped on top of a crunchy crostini. Its umami flavor is front and center in each delicious bite. 

Its punchy, tangy taste pairs well with a bowl of crisp greens, a refreshing take on salad dressings your guests will crave for.

Another way to enjoy it is to mix it into rice. You’ll experience an explosion of savory and authentic Bicolano flavor in every mouthful!

Que Rica For The Community

The Sinantolan is crafted in small batches and bottled by a community of women in the town of Gainza, Camarines Sur. Aside from the Sinantolan, Que Rica also bottles vegetarian Laing and Taba ng Talangka. The bottled goods are perfect for gifting. 

Since 2015, Rica Dakudao Buenaflor, founder of Que Rica has been on a fierce mission to champion Bicolano cuisine and catapult it into the world stage. From the well-received Laing Longganisa to the premium power-packed Pili Nuts (in truffle pecorino, with Himalayan salt, and PiliCoffee cluster bombs), Que Rica continues to uplift Bicol, from cuisine to community. 

Take home and taste Bicol in a bottle with Que Rica’s Sinantolan. If you’re searching for a family sized serving, look no further because you can also get this sour-salty secret in a 400g frozen tub! Available online and in selected specialty stores.

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