Singing Cosplayer Hikari, who has been actively communicating Japanese culture to the world through social media by cosplaying characters and singing cover songs from anime, games, vocaloid, etc. has released a new Vocaloid cover song video, Hatsune Miku’s “Yume to Hazakura” on YouTube.

This is the fourth song in her Vocaloid series, following these three songs.

  • HoneyWorks feat. GUMI “Confession Rehearsal” (viewed over 340,000 views)
  • Kurousa P feat Hatsune Miku “Senbonzakura” (viewed over 370,000 views)
  • GUMI “Aitai / I want to meet you / I want to see you” (viewed over 340,000 views)

The song “Yume To Hazakura” by Hatene Miku is her favorite Vocaloid song. As the song is about cherry blossoms, her video was shot with the cherry blossoms at Odawara Castle.

Singing Cosplayer Hikari

Gekkoh Aoki, the lyricist and composer of the song, who also created the illustration video where Hatsune Miku was wearing a kimono so Hikari wore a kimono called “RENDEZVOUS” by the costume cooperation of the kimono brand “Furifu”.

The cut in the video where you can see the ocean is a precious scene where she is singing on top of the tower of Odawara Castle.

Despite the fact that this song is extremely popular both in Japan and abroad, with the cover by Wotamin having over 55 million views on YouTube, the original song and Japanese cover song have not been distributed on Spotify and other music distribution services in Japan and abroad.

So, on April 20, Singing Cosplayer Hikari’s cover of “Yume To Hazakura” will be the first to be distributed worldwide on the following music distribution sites after receiving permission from the rights holder.

Singing Cosplayer Hikari

This is the first time that Hikari’s cover song is going to be distributed on Tencent and NetEase in China. Yusuke Asada, who has produced hit songs for Chara, Crystal Kay, CHEMISTRY, Kimaguren, and others, produced and directed the sound for her cover song.

Singing Cosplayer Hikari’s “Yume to Hazakura” (COVER) will be available from April 20 in all major platforms.

In addition, the video on YouTube will be distributed worldwide on the following video distribution sites on April 20th.

She has also been posting photos based on a daily theme on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as her own selfies and videos. And, for the first time, she has started to post her personal outfits on the fashion app WEAR under the name “Hikari”.

Singing Cosplayer Hikari

Singing Cosplayer Hikari is currently crowdfunded by Kickstarter until Friday, April 16th to raise money for her activities for May onwards. The rewards include a first mini-photobook that can only be obtained there, and the right to watch a VOD video of her first mini-live on April 29th.

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