The challenges brought by the pandemic only strengthened the resolve of Digitalinnov Inc., a young but dynamically thriving company that provides top-of-the-line digital marketing solutions. Embracing the reality that a business should quickly adapt to the changes that had come with the lockdowns and layoffs, it has kept its good streak as it continuously exemplifies the essence of success in the new normal.      

With its customer-centric approach to building businesses and brands, Digitalinnov has led in the way of delivering effective digital marketing tailored to the needs and targets of its high-profile clients.


“We are positioning Digitalinnov as a one-stop shop for any of our clients’ digital needs, like in graphic design content, website development, and UI design,” said Digitalinnov CEO Milo Sandig who put up the tech-powered company in 2017.  

Being true to the marriage of two keywords that formed its name, Digitalinnov has taken the art of marketing beyond traditional approach and expertly digs into the interests of a client’s audience in strategizing solutions.

It has in its arsenal a strong team of SEO professionals, social media experts, skilled content writers, talented graphic designers, and topnotch digital marketing strategists. 

Given the situation the business community is in relatively a year after the declaration of a pandemic, the company is among the players in the tech industry that legitimately arose from it. With an open mind and world-class approach to solving modern corporate problems, it naturally managed to shine when numerous companies searched for reputable groups to supply their digital needs and dealt with the transition, in the words of Sandig, “from being a brick-and-mortar shop to having a strong digital presence.”

Some of the services being provided by Digitalinnov includes YouTube optimization, digital branding, social media marketing, and penetration testing. Its clientele boasts a who’s who of big brands in the market such as  BMW, Nissan, Honda, RCBC, Isuzu, Fujifilm, Philippine Sports Commission, Mapua University, among others.


Sandig noted, “There’s a crazy influx of clients and inquiries as everyone really sees that having a good digital footprint is a necessity for their businesses to survive this pandemic.”

The fact that Digitalinnov offers an array of services addressing a client’s digital needs makes them a sought-after marketing engine that treats the work at hand in a simple and enjoyable way.

Sandig himself is a figure ripe to lead a group to instill proper innovations in the marketing field. For one he’s blessed to have toured around the world, especially in the so-called first world countries. Back in 2015 he had experienced freelancing for multinational advertising firms, and then completed a post-graduate degree in digital marketing from Oxford University three years later. Last year, he finished a significant online course in digital strategies from Yale University.  

It’s a plus that Sandig takes pride in the potential of the Filipino in the realms of digitalization.


He explained, “The Philippines has a great potential when it comes to digital. Data sources have hailed us for being among the highest users of social media in the world. When I went to tech giants in the Silicon Valley, you’d be proud that Filipinos are doing well. It’s our kababayans who are running the show when you look at tech firms in Singapore, Hong Kong, in Europe, and in the US. We have the right people to position our country as a tech powerhouse in the world. All it takes is a strong eco-system within companies that works hand in hand.”

Digitalinnov’s key to success lies in its strong push in targeting a client’s right audience for investment returns. Thanks to a mindset that values success and joy by determining one’s purpose.

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