Lauded as Best Male Variety Show Host of TV5’s Lunch Out Loud, Billy Joe Crawford will be hosting the Philippine franchise of the popular US Game Show THE WALL premiering on March 13, Saturday at 6pm on TV5 – The Wall Philippines!

The Wall Philippines

THE WALL PHILIPPINES will be his third show under the Kapatid Network and during the Pandemic including Masked Singer Pilipinas.

Billy has hosted and co-hosted over 20 shows on television starting with Pinoy Dream Academy in 2008. A veteran when it comes to the craft, the singer-actor said he continues to learn and mature as a host with every projects.

During the online media launch yesterday, Billy said that THE WALL PHILIPPINES is excitingly different from the other shows that he previously hosted or currently hosting because the game’s platform allows for a mix of different emotions (and tension) that everyone – the contestants, the host and viewers – will experience in every single episode.

Billy also said that hosting THE WALL is also different because most of the time when you’re hosting games shows, you are always against or in competition with the contestants – but in the wall, you’re on the same side with the contestants and you’re main opponent is that huge interactive wall.

Co-produce by NBA superstar Lebron James, The Wall first aired on NBC more than 5 years ago and it’s now on its 4th Season after a brief hiatus from July to September last year.

The Wall is like a giant pachinko game with a twist. The mechanics are simple: get a correct answer to get a GREEN ball, miss a question and get a RED ball; green adds to the total pot money while red deducts. The game is played by two players with a close familiarity, with the first episodes featuring blood-related contestants. The pair works as a team to bank as much money they can by answering a series of questions. After the third round is a decision round, where drama and hilarity ensues.

According Billy, THE WALL PHILIPPINES will be played exactly the same as the US version and with prizes that can reach up to 12 Million Pesos!

When asked about what skills should one have to become an effective host, Billy recalls a tip shared to him by King of Talk Mr. Boy Abunda when he was just starting – to LISTEN to the person that you are talking to, to pay attention even if you have cue cards or a script that you should follow.

During the interview Billy said that he’s thankful that he is able to wake up every morning smiling and not scratching his head because he’s blessed with continuous work and projects. He also said that wife Coleen and son Amari is his constant source of inspiration, to work harder and to be better at climbing his own wall every single day.

The Wall Philippines

Catch the premiere of THE WALL PHILIPPINES on Saturday, March 13 at 6PM on TV5!

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  1. This TV show the wall Philippines…it is a show on tv network that helps a lot of Filipino people because of this pandemic….