One of the leading cardiologists of Cardinal Santos Medical Center Dr. Ariel Miranda, FPCP, FPCC, FPSCCI was recognized as an outstanding scientist by the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) in an online ceremony held January 14, 2021.

He was recognized for his significant contributions to scientific knowledge in the field of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Miranda and his team of researchers instituted programs to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI), a serious type of a heart attack.

Through the leadership of Dr. Miranda, the team established a STEMI Network which was pilot-tested in Lipa, Batangas, where Mary Mediatrix Medical Center served as the hub and surrounding community hospitals as the spokes. The network is designed to not only hasten diagnosis and treatment of a heart attack, but it also helps speed up and coordinate the transfer of patients to hospitals capable of performing life-saving treatments either through medication or more complicated medical interventions. Through their efforts they have been able to effectively reduce mortality from 13 percent to six percent.

In his speech delivered during the event, Dr. Miranda heaped praise on his team for their instrumental work that contributed greatly to the success of the program. He also shared the information that they are now in the process of developing an urban STEMI network with Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) serving as the hub and the surrounding community hospitals as the spokes of this network.

He also invited more of his colleagues in the profession to undertake research to positively contribute to society.

“I would like to encourage our member cardiologists to be leaders in research and contribute to the mission and vision of the PHA. I believe research should be led and driven by consultants, not trainees. One should develop a coherent body of work which will inspire trainees and colleagues to appreciate research as an instrument for nation-building,” Dr. Miranda said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Miranda’s professional family in CSMC celebrated the latest honor bestowed on the cardiologist. Raul Pagdanganan, President and CEO of CSMC praised Dr. Miranda as a living testament to the brand of medical excellence that CSMC stands for.

“Dr. Ariel Miranda is a model not only for cardiologists like him but to all medical professionals. His groundbreaking work has helped improve the practice of cardiology and has also contributed to making excellent healthcare more attainable to every Filipino. We are inspired by his efforts and he is well-deserving of this honor,” Pagdanganan added.

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