It was the worst of times for many people all around the world! 2020 is indeed a very challenging year for everyone and for the first half of the year, life seems to stopped for many and there has never been a moment without uncertainties.

Nine months have passed and a lot of us experienced all sorts of pain brought about by fear, deprivation, and loss. This pandemic has cost us people and opportunities, some even their sanity.

It was the worst kind of test but contrary to what many believed, it wasn’t a test of strength or seeing who’s most fit to survive, but a test of our humanity.

For within those nine months we found the best people around us. Uniquely gifted people who gave us the gift of laughter, hope, and strength to keep moving on and forward.

Friends who found better ways to reach out, connect and use whatever means possible to bring comfort and uplift us during a time when you feel most alone.

People who gave us opportunities for work or any means of livelihood to sustain us and our families.

Family members who supported us and surrounded us with love throughout these trying times.

To them, these were just small, normal, and ordinary motions they were used to doing everyday. But to us, they were what kept us feeling alive and kind of reminded us constantly that whatever happens LIFE GOES ON. #TuloyAngBuhay

And now that we were given the opportunity to still count our blessings and appreciate the many things still worth celebrating as we end the year 2020 – I think now’s also the best time of the year to pay it forward so that we can honor and express our gratitude to all these people.

Just like what AIA Philam Life is doing now through its TULOY ANG BUHAY (Continuity Of Life) campaign.

The group is aiming at supporting one charitable institution this year by donating 100,000 Pesos to the chosen organization such us:

  • SOS Children’s Village
  • Haribon
  • Leonard Cheshire Foundation
  • Anawin Home for the Elderly
  • others

We can help by voting for the charitable group that you wished to receive the fund from AIA PhilAm Life.

Here’s How:

  1. Fill up the form and nominate a charity of their choice: https:// bit.ly/PALSignUpForACause
  2. This serves as their raffle entry and if your name is picked, the charity you nominated will receive Php100,000 from AIA Philam Life
  3. There are some options in the form but they are not limited to choosing from the list, they can input their preferred charity.
  4. Full Mechanics: https://bit.ly/PALSignUpForACauseMechanics

It was the longest nine months of our lives ever, filled with different intensities of labor and growth pains. In 2021 let’s all hope that this experience gives birth to a new, stronger and better us.


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