Based on recent studies, 1 in 5 Filipinos have diabetes or a pre-diabetic. Out of the 463 million people in the world diagnosed with the disease, we contribute to around 6.3 million or 7.2% of the country’s total population.


Chances are you or a member of the family are at risk or might even have it already. We already have two in the family managing prediabetic symptoms. Prediabetes occurs when your blood sugar is higher than normal (and your family has a medical history of diabetes) but not high enough to be diagnosed as having a full blown Diabetes.

I studied nursing back in college and I have learned that for all those with Diabetes or are prediabetic, the key to managing the disease involves making the right lifestyle choices and having the commitment to stick to it.

  • Eat healthy food preferably those that are diabetes-friendly, there are lots of better-tasting choices now compared to the past so that would not be a problem
  • Exercise daily and keep your weight below the obesity line
  • Never forget to take your diabetes meds if you already have one
  • Monitor your blood sugar on a regular basis
  • Learn more about the disease or find a support group if you don’t have one yet – this will help you manage the anxiety and keep you always on track

Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease that causes high blood sugar – the body of a diabetic either doesn’t make enough insulin (the hormone that moves sugar from the blood to the cells) or can’t effectively use the insulin that it makes. If left untreated, the high concentration of sugar in the blood may damage your nerves, kidneys, eyes and other organs in the body. This makes it one of the ten killer diseases in the world – and for those who survive it has to live with it all their lives. That’s why it’s called a chronic disease.

Diabetes is also a genetic and lifestyle disease because the chances of you developing one is predisposed by your genes and aggravated by your lifestyle choices – how healthy are your food choices or how much physical activities you engage in on a daily basis.

Your family and environment can affect your odds of developing diabetes – and similarly, these same factors may also be the key in helping you manage it. 

It goes without saying that caring for Chronic Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension takes a village, it’s a family affair where no one should be left behind.    

Families must be conscious of the needs of diabetes patients. There can be a need to modify daily routines, such as diet, to create a more supportive environment. Strong family support can provide an environment where the patient can improve the psychological and psychosocial management of the disease.

Family Involvement Help:

  • Provide emotional and economic support
  • Promote proper nutrition
  • Reinforce the fight against depression and even mitigates the deleterious effects of stress patients

Family should also be aware that everyone can develop diabetes, thus each one should have a conscious effort in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

SANOFI, a leading healthcare institution with a solid background and track record related to Diabetes care, is taking the same “Family” approach in their latest campaigns that aims to improve the state of Diabetes here in the Philippines. 

Panata Ng Pamilya ay Panatang Sanofi

Check the video to learn more: 

In the events prior to the celebration of World Diabetes Day last November 14, Sanofi affirms their commitment or Panata to the Filipino family affected by Diabetes by promoting overall wellness (proper nutrition, physical activity, proper healthcare, check-ups, treatments) while solidifying Sanofi’s role in the Diabetes fight.

Even amidst the pandemic, Sanofi still seeks to empower patients with chronic diseases through with their programs such as Empower Patient Support Program, a continuous care and medical education for Persons with Diabetes with up to one year of coverage upon physician’s recommendation, WeHealth, an e-Health Ecosystem Program to reach out and connect to patients in need of care or consultation, Webinars like Healthier/PH and FamHealthy which empowers the patient and their families, giving them the ability for self-monitoring and the improvement of their lifestyle. Through Sanofi programs, they really give a better understanding of the disease, beyond the medicine, to empower the patient. It’s not just about treatment, adapting the lifestyle is as important as going to the doctor. 

Sanofi believes that diabetes care should be as personalized for every individual and every type. Your Type. And this is where family ties play an important role in its management and aims to educate how Filipino families can pursue proper wellness, to give everyone an opportunity to live a healthier and normal life – and collectively create a healthier Philippines!

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