Committed to its promise of finance for all, GCashremains free for Filipinos who transfer money from GCash wallet to another, no matter what network a user is subscribed to.

Over 26 million GCash users can send money to their families and friends anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort of their own home. The best part? Digital transfers cost nothing as long as the receiving party is also a GCash user!

Users can also use the Request Money feature in the GCash app in case they need financial assistance from their friends and family. The GCash user from whom money is being requested can simply click on the notification and accept the request. The Request Money feature is also free of charge.

The pandemic has compelled many Filipinos to resort to digital finance when it comes to accomplishing their daily tasks. However, as most of the country eases into the new normal months after the peak of COVID-19, mobile banking is now considered as an essential part of daily life at par with the traditional way of finance.

The reliance on digital services amid the pandemic is also aggravated by natural calamities, which are common in the Philippines, such as typhoons. Having no better option for banking, most Filipinos are burdened with extra costs when they inevitably transact online using their bank mobile apps.

GCash Raises P20.8M for Typhoon Ulysses Relief

In other related news, GCash was able to raised a total amount of P20,825,695.23 in donations from its #UlyssesPHAid and #TulongCagayan campaigns aimed at helping victims of Typhoon Ulysses that pummeled many parts of the country in the recent weeks.

Leveraging its mobile-first technology, GCash led the digital relief efforts, launching two donation drives to send help to those who were affected by Typhoon Ulysses.

A third of the total P20.8-million donation amount came from the #TulongCagayan campaign, and the rest were from #UlyssesPHAid.

All proceeds from the donation drives go to typhoon relief programs of GCash for Good partner NGOs, namely Unicef, Philippine Red Cross, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya, Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, Save the Children, World Vision, and Gawad Kalinga.

Through the campaigns, GCash users donated amounts for the relief efforts through the Pay Bills tile and by choosing between #UlyssesPHAid and #TulongCagayan as billers. GCash users also had the option to buy load for others and get a 10 percent rebate, or send money directly to another GCash user.

Aside from the Typhoon Ulysses donation drives, GCash also helped in the immediate raising of funds for the relief operations for Super Typhoon Rolly. GCash collected a total of P405,237.90 donations for #RollyPHAid, which went automatically to the response efforts of partner NGOs.

Aside from Pay Bills donations, users can also donate using the app’s Send Money feature to send money directly to other GCash users for free, or even purchase prepaid load for those who are affected by the typhoon while also receiving a 10% rebate.

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