Many of us will go through this Pandemic losing a loved one, a friend or someone that we know well to CoViD19. I have.

If we go through the data, we’ll find out that casualties are most likely the ones with predisposing factors or have been previously diagnosed with other ailments – heart condition, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and others.

At this time of crisis, it’s sad to say that the idiom “health is wealth” or “survival of the fittest” are most likely the most fundamental truths.

One of the things that I’ve realized during this Pandemic is the importance of having a trusted medical professional by your family’s side – we didn’t have a family doctor to run to, not for a long time now. So when tragedy struck us more than a month ago, we had no one and nowhere to go to, not even for a piece of advice.

It’s a family medical emergency and we couldn’t find a single hospital that’s going to take us especially here in Metro Manila. We have lost a loved one because of that ordeal.

It’s hard but that is one of the realities that life teaches us – nothing is permanent in this world. People, things, they come and go.

What were the reasons why we didn’t have a family doctor? Well, we did have one before, but we didn’t have a permanent and we kept on moving for the last 20 years – we lived in Sampaloc, Pasay, Cavite, Cainta, Pandacan until we finally moved here with our own tiny unit in Paco. And we’re still looking for a place where we can settle down permanently.

So we kept moving, but our doctors stay where they are so it’s really hard. My Nanay’s doctor is based in Antipolo, imagine the difficulty of bringing her from Manila just to have a check-up or to update her maintenance meds.

That is the reason why we are now looking at the importance of e-health and Telemedicine in connecting families to medical professionals for consultations, initial interventions and treatments.

Advance e-health and Telemedicine like the WeHealth Sanofi Programs have made it easy for patients to seek professional medical help remotely and minimize risks and costs.


WeHealth is an e-Health ecosystem which aims to connect doctors, patients, and healthcare providers through holistic solutions and innovations. This means you can get medical consultations anytime or have your medicines delivered straight to your home.

Filipinos have general reluctance and unfavorable attitude towards formal medical help-seeking even before the pandemic. They seek the help of health services only as the last resort or when problems become severe. Other prominent factors are financial constraints, inaccessibility of medical services and lack of awareness in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Even before the pandemic, Sanofi has been aiming to effectively bridge the gaps that many Filipinos face when it comes to accessing consultation and treatment, to really ensure the continuity of care.

Filipinos should receive care without a trip to the doctor’s office which can be crucial during the pandemic because you’re eliminating the risk of exposure. It may also save time and money that would’ve been spent on traveling, parking or public transportation. For doctors and care providers, WeHealth can serve as a platform to reach out and connect to patients in need of care or consultation.

To make WeHealth even more effective, Sanofi have partnered with reliable platform providers such as SeriousMD, AIDE, KonsultaMD, HealthNow and Medifi as telehealth providers, along with Watson’s and SouthStar Drug as pharmacy chain partners. This makes WeHealth a very holistic e-Health platform, to really give families the care they deserve, and that includes people with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

With Sanofi’s WeHealth program – the Doctor is always ONLINE!

To find out more about Sanofi and the WeHealth e-health ecosystem visit https://www.sanofi.ph/en/healthier-philippines/wehealth

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