Neo: What does he want?
Oracle: What do all men with power want? More power.

Matrix Reloaded/2003

When this movie by the Wachowski’s were screened, the idea of creating a portable power bank for mobile devices were already in its conception phase but it wasn’t until 2011 at a CES convention in Las Vegas that it was finally introduced.

9 years after, the Power Bank has now become an inseparable companion to smartphones and other mobile devices.

The problem with Power Banks however is that when its power capacity gets bigger, the size of the unit also gets bigger, bulkier, heavier, and charging time is relatively longer.

This is why people nowadays don’t just look at the juice when buying a new Power Bank, they also check for portability, charging speed, the number of ports and of course the price.

The price however is quickly overshadowed by quality because when choosing a Power Bank most of the time the cheaper ones don’t really give you value for money, so most buyers go for a brand that can give their money’s worth such as ANKER.

Good News because Anker Power Banks are now available at the Shopee Mall and for Independence Day, they’re selling their power banks at exclusive discount prices.

16% OFF on the PowerCore Select 20,000 mAh with dual 12w plus Free Shipping  – from 2,695 Pesos down to 2,275 Pesos only.

The PowerCore Select 20,000 mAh Power Bank can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously and includes Power IQ for intuitive high speed charging. It is made of durable rubberized polycarbonate and is shock resistant.

5% OFF on the new Anker PowerCore II Slim 10,000 mAh – from 2,695 Pesos down to 2,560 Pesos


  • 3x Phone Charges
  • 4h Recharge Time
  • 210g Ultra Light

25% OFF on the Anker PowerCore 26,800 mAh Power Bank – from 5,495 Pesos down to 4,121 Pesos

The Anker PowerCore 26800 offers freedom from your wall for over a week with Dual Input Port and double-speed recharging, 3 USB Ports for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Android and smart devices.

US tech brand Anker is also known for their power ports or chargers, power cables, car and audio accessories, and other tech products.

To shop for Anker Power Banks and other tech accessories, download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play and type in AnkerPhilippines on search.

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