Carousell, the​ leading​ online classifieds marketplace in the Philippines, recognizes the challenges brought about during these very critical times so they have established proactive measures to provide aid to both medical and business sectors.

Supply shortage, facilities reaching full capacities, and rising numbers in novel coronavirus cases are just some of the roadblocks piling up in the country. Various organizations have started awareness platforms and donation drives in hopes of extending support for those gravely affected by the pandemic. It is crucial to recognize the collective cooperation and effort needed in a time of crisis. At this point, any form of aid counts​ ​.

#ChooseToCare Fundraising Drive

Carousell took to their digital platform to seek donations to extend help for the frontliners. The #ChooseToCare initiative is a fundraising campaign that aims to provide assistance for medical workers who have been proactively fighting the virus.

Proceeds from these efforts will be given to the Lung Center of the Philippines, their chosen beneficiary. The Lung Center is one of the selected Department of Health (DOH) – accredited laboratories that can test for novel coronavirus – but having that capability means the need to sustain non-stop testing and treatment. 400 PPE’s are used by the Lung Center on a daily basis; so they are seeking the support of everyone given the non-stop rise of novel coronavirus patients.

This fundraising activity aims to provide funds for personal protective equipment (PPEs), ventilators, and other supplies that would be of assistance to medical and health care workers on the front lines.

#ChooseToCare provides people two (2) options to donate. First option is purchasing from select power sellers and influencers that have put items for sale through the designated #ChooseToCare collection page on Carousell’s web and app platforms. Celebrity stylist and fashion icon Liz Uy is one of the many participants involved in this charitable cause. 100% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Lung Center. The collection will be up until April 30, 2020.

Second option is making direct donations for the Lung Center of the Philippines. Those interested to donate can go here: https://caro.sl/donation.​

Relief Options for Carousell Subscribers

Due to unprecedented economic disruption, consumer behavior is drastically changing and altering the dynamics of businesses completely. If the pandemic prolongs, businesses across all industries will continue to cripple.

In order to aid businesses on their platform, they have created two (2) relief options. Subscribers can choose to receive free coins on top of existing subscription plans, or opt to waive payments for months affected by the lockdown.

The first relief option that Carousell offers is “Free Coins” which subscribers can avail after the lockdown. Coin value received will be equivalent to two (2) months worth of their current subscription plan, and will have a 12-month expiry. Subscribers can also get 1 month’s worth of coins for every additional month (beyond April) that the lockdown is implemented. In addition, payments due within affected months of the quarantine will be collected once lockdown has been lifted.

The second relief option that Carousell offers is “Waived Payment”. Payments made during the impacted month/s of the lockdown will be waived. Should the lockdown persist beyond April, payments will be waived for the months falling within the quarantine period. This relief option is not applicable for prepaid packages.

Relief options are open to Carousell subscribers in all industries (automotives, properties, and general classifieds). New subscribers and those who would like to renew their subscriptions can avail either of the following options. Only one (1) option can be obtained per subscriber. This offer is valid until April 30, 2020 or until further notice.

Carousell also extends 999 Free Carousell Coins with 12 month validity to valued paying users who’ve been with the platform since July 2019.

Carousell recognizes how this pandemic has affected the lives of many. Through these initiatives, they hope to extend relief and encourage the community to be involved.

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