It’s been two months since the Philippine government has placed the entire island of Luzon under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) or lockdown to help in the identification and isolation of SARS CoV2 – the main culprit of the CoViD-19 Pandemic.

As of this morning, the world now has a total of 583,657 active cases with 37,846 deaths recorded and 165,935 who recovered. In the Philippines, total cases of CoViD-19 has now reached 1,546 with 78 recorded deaths and 42 recoveries.

The lockdown has placed many Filipinos at an unprecedented pressure and a lifestyle marked with great uncertainties. While financial institutions has remained in operation since the onset of the quarantine, making financial transactions at this time is almost an incredible act of courage that requires patience and a lot of taking risk.

Provided you have the means (money), even the simple act of paying bills has become a burden tantamount to an EDSA rush hour experience (which we sorely missed). There’s not a lot of Bayad Centers that are open and not many roads are also open. People are scared.

It’s a good thing though that mobile wallet and financial solutions app like GCash is already a well-established platform before this crisis came into full manifestation here in the country. All you need is the app and a stable mobile data and you’re now ready to Cash In, Transfer or Donate Funds, and Pay Bills anytime and anywhere you need to.

GCash has made the lives of over 20 million registered users so much easier. I use it to receive funds, transfer funds, pay for stuff like groceries and bills.

Most recently, GCash has also become a wonderful platform for sending donations to credible Not-For-Profit organizations like Caritas Manila who conducts relief operations to those affected by the lockdown.

The international call for people to #StayAtHome and to observe #SocialDistancing during the CoViD-19 Pandemic has actually become a great opportunity for people to discover the importance of apps like GCash and its role not only as a means for convenience but also in crisis situations.

GCash Pay Bills for example provide the means for people to follow these calls. Even before the CoVid-19 Pandemic, I am already using Gcash to pay for my bills like electricity and internet. It’s just so easy to use plus you avoid the hassles of commuting and long lines in payment centers.

  1. Open The App
  2. Click On Pay Bills
  3.  Select Biller
  4. Enter Required Details (Account No., Amount, etc.)
  5. Pay and Wait For Payment Confirmation

It’s fast, easy and secure! And what’s best is that you remain coronavirus-free!

Cashing-In is also very easy – there are actually a lot of convenient ways to do it.

For those who have not tried it yet, you may download the app using the links below:

Google Play


Apple Appstore




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