It was years ago when I was introduced with the brand Fujidenzo. We bought a second hand washing machine from a relative and immediately fell in love with the brand.

Five years ago, we decided to retire our old washing machine and bought a new one but have stuck with the brand that we loved.

What happened to our old one? Well it’s still working and serving another household until now – that is how durable the brand is.

Recently, I got invited to a special media launch of new line of Fujidenzo products – Inverter refrigerators, washing machines, juicers and AVRs.

Present during the launch are Excellence Appliance Technologies Marketing Director Adrian Jasper Sioco and Training Officer Kevin Rago who shared to us about the many wonderful features of the new Fujidenzo appliances.

“Over the years, Fujidenzo has been one of the country’s leading marketers of quality home and commercial appliances. Our brand’s commitment of ‘Quality Above All’ reflects in our products and after-sales service, and has been instrumental in upgrading the quality of life of Filipinos,” Sioco said.

Fujidenzo Refrigerators

Although there are many home appliances available in the market today, it is difficult to choose a brand you can trust.

Razo explained that there are 9 things that consumers take into consideration when buying a new refrigerator, and these are:

  • Preservation
  • Cooling
  • Price
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Features
  • Color
  • Style

Fujidenzo introduced their newest HD Inverter Refrigerators that are available in three (3) different models:

  • Multi-Door
  • Side by Side
  • Bottom Mount

The new line of Fujidenzo refrigerators are all equipped with Heavy Duty (HD) Inverter Technology to assure of maximum energy efficiency or up to 50% of savings on electricity compared to non-inverter types, these no-frost series also showcase a variety of innovative features and elegant designs.

Fujidenzo refs are designed with Textured Rubber Finish to minimize dents and an independent temperature control feature to further save on electricity. You will enjoy also the Vacation Mode that turns off the cooler and sets the freezer to a -18 to save on electricity when leaving the house for a long period plus the Speed Cooling and Quick Freeze feature to help protect food better.

Here are the notable features of the different ref models:



  • Can hold large platters
  • Recessed Handles
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Glass Door Finish – Scratch Free, Stain Resistant and Easy-To-Clean


  • Left Side Freezer
  • Wine Shelf/Bottle Rack
  • Stainless Steel Door Finish
  • Heavy Duty Handles
  • Also comes at 24 Cu.Ft. Black Premium Steel Finish


  • Built for Proper Sorting
  • Double Fresh Zone Drawer Crisper
  • Triple Bottom Freezer Drawer
  • Pullout Shelves
  • Fresh Goods at Eye Level

Fujidenzo Full Automatic Washers

Also showcased during the event are the new Fully Automatic Washing Machine product lines presented by Exatech Sales Manager Dianne Stefanie Gabriel.

Gabriel mentioned several factors that resulted to the growing demands of washing machines:

  • Change in Lifestyles
  • Increasing Female Labor Force Participation
  • Emerging Middle Class Population
  • Rising Number of Nuclear Families
  • Growing Tech Awareness
  • Expanding Media Penetration

Now aside from these factors, Fujidenzo also identified other things that affects the decision of consumers in purchasing a washing machine and these are:

  • The belief that hand wash is still better than machine wash
  • Costs of purchasing a washer versus hiring a good labandera
  • Low Water Pressure – current requirement for a washer is about 10 PSI

Problem Solved! The new line of Fujidenzo Washers boast of the exclusive Variable Water Pressure Technology which allows them to function even with very little water pressure or to as low as 0.029 PSI.

The Fujidenzo Automatic Washers are available in 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, and 10.5kg capacities and comes with awesome features such as the Soakwash Technology, Starfin, Power Spin, 4 Waterfalls and Air Dry systems. All the washers are also built tough and long usage.

The new Fujidenzo HD Inverter Full Automatic Washer also added more outstanding features:

  • Titanium Metal Body
  • Stailess Steel Tub
  • Tempered Glass Lid
  • Soft Closing Cover
  • Soft Touch LED Display Panel
  • FabCon Dispenser

Fit & Go Slow Juicers and Fujidenzo Auto Voltage Regulators

Exatech SDA Category Manager Angela Luz Tarriela shared the features of the new Fujidenzo Automatic Voltage Regulators or AVRs and Slow Juicers.

The new Fujidenzo Fit & Go Slow Juicers have made this journey simpler.

Fit & Go Slow Juicer Plus (6,998 Pesos) comes with a super slow speed of 45 RPM for maximum juicing performance, this allows you to get the most from your fruits and vegetables. Nutrient retention is also very high since the entire process produces less heat and friction. You can also juice up to 30 minutes continuously plus it also comes with a self-cleaning feature.

Fit & Go Slow Juicer also comes in a smaller package sold at 4,998 Pesos.

Finally, to ensure that all your appliances are protected from power surges and fluctuations commonly experienced in our country, Fujidenzo has also come out with an Automatic Voltage Regulator. Available in 1,500VA and 2,000VA capacities, it id equipped with a 100% copper motor and Servo motor control that enables it to properly capture and regulate power fluctuations. These AVRs are also equipped with an Overvoltage Protection feature which assures you that your appliances will always be safe in the event of a dangerous power surge.

Fujidenzo is exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies (EXATECH) with the support of over 250 service centers nationwide, you can also drop by their showrooms in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, and Iloilo or visit their official website at

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