When asked how many classrooms they have in their schools, San Miguel-Meysulao High School and AFG Bernardino Memorial School in Bulacan will tell you different answers and based on whether the tide is low or high.

Both schools are in areas that gets flooded almost every year, and usually more than once a year.

Recognizing the fact that flooding is an inevitability in low lying areas of the Philippines during the rainy season, RIDGID tools has donated wet and dry vacuum cleaners to these two schools last Wednesday (July 24) to help them quickly regain all the lost spaces inside the campus due to standing water left behind by heavy rains.

RIDGID or the Ridge Tool Company, a subsidiary of Emerson Electric, is a 96-year old US company best know for ts distinctive red pipe wrenches manufactures over 300 different types of tools used in plumbing, pipe fitting and construction. The company also sells power tools and wet and dry vacuums which are known to be the best in class performance with every variant. Best in terms of suction power, and best in terms of ruggedness and durability.

When flooding occurs, long after flood waters recede, residual standing water can continue to make certain rooms and places unusable, unlivable and even pose health risks like dengue outbreaks.

One of the biggest reasons accumulation of such pools is not always addressed is that to do so with ordinary methods is a time consuming and dirty job.  When it is imperative that these puddles be addressed, it can and often does require several people working several hours to get it done using conventional tools like brooms, mops and buckets.

For the San Miguel-Meysulao High School and AFG Bernardino Memorial School, downtime caused by flooding and post flooding cleanup often greatly disrupts the academic calendar.

Richard Bagtas a head teacher at the AFG Bernardino Memorial School, lamented:

“Just this June, we lost two full days of school, that doesn’t even include days when classes had to be suspended in the middle of the day,” Bagtas shared. “Some of our school buildings are very old and have history, these building are where our labs and workshops are, and they are in flood prone areas, so even when flood waters recede, cleanup takes up to two hours, and our students need to do much of the work.”

To show how such regularly recurring problems can be addressed more quickly, safely, and more easily than ever, RIDGID personnel demonstrated during the turn-over program last Wednesday the water sucking feature of RIDGID’s wet dry vacuums and showed how several liters of pooled standing water as well as the dirt and debris floating around in the water can be easily sucked away in a matter of minutes.

Once filled, the vacuum has a large drain that provides effortless water removal.

When we talk about vacuum cleaners, we only think of it as great labor-saving devices that suck away large amounts of dust used with little effort at home, offices and buildings. Few even know that there is such a thing as a wet and dry vacuum that can suck standing water just as easily as accumulated dust and dirt.

It is impossible to use a conventional vacuum cleaner for water, it takes a specially designed and built wet and dry vacuum to keep water from coming into contact with the vacuum’s working electrical parts.

“Anyone who has ever had to clean up a flood-soaked floor, a bad spill or even a shower stall with a clog, has wished there was a tool or a device that could actually suck standing water or liquid as easily as a conventional a vacuum cleaner sucks dust.” mused RIDGID Marketing Leader Ivy Santos. “To be able to simply touch a nozzle on large amounts of accumulated standing water and see it quickly, and easily sucked away is something anyone who has had to clean up after a flood will truly appreciate.”

Because of the vacuum’s powerful suction, rooms that could once only be swept clean can now be cleaned with soap or disinfectant and water, and then easily rinsed and sucked dry.

“The wet dry vacs will be very helpful in our workshop and lab areas all year round.  When it floods, we can use them to speed up cleanup and minimize downtime, but even on regular days, our labs, especially our furniture lab, can get very dusty and dirty due to the type of work we do here.”  enthused Bagtas.

Aside from the Wet and Dry Vacuums, RIDGID also distributed rain gears to everyone who attended the program.

Like other RIDGID tools, RIDGID wet and dry vacuums are preferred by and built for those who know. It is available in 6 (WD0655), 12 (WD1255) and 16 (WD1685) gallon capacities. For more information on RIDGID wet and dry vacuums, visit https://www.ridgid.com/ph/en/wet-dry-vacuum

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