Portable chargers or power banks are important accessories in this digital age. Now that we’re all glued to our computers and phones, we need extra battery power to recharge our gadgets on the go.

A power bank can also charge your other gadgets, such as gaming devices and cameras. If you’re using a smartphone and other high tech gadgets, then you probably have a power bank in your bag. Some people have two small ones or a big one, depending on their needs.

But not all power banks are created equal. It is important that you buy yours from reputable brands.

Promate Technologies, a global leader brand in mobile accessories, IT peripherals, and digital lifestyle consumer electronics, is the first to have a Power Delivery system for its power banks. Designed to be a more universal charging standard, it allows a wide range of devices—not only smartphones—to charge quickly over a USB connection.

This technology is the latest addition to Promate’s over 1000 products in its portfolio and it covers 17 major products categories such as data and power cables, Bluetooth audio solutions like speakers and headsets, photography enhancements and hi-tech car gadgets. All products have global warranty for two years.

One of the primary objectives behind the development of USB Power Delivery was to produce a single charging standard that could be used across all USB devices.

There are a lot of power banks to choose from. What you should get should be based on your lifestyle. Some people need ones that are light and sleek. Others are looking for ample power reserves.

If you’re looking for a high capacity charger that is portable, the Promate Powertank-20 is a 20000mAh power bank that is built to last wherever you go.

Along with 18W Power Delivery and Quick Charging 3.0 Port PowerTank-20 ensures the quickest charge to your smartphone as well as the power bank itself. PowerTank-20 has power indicator LED along with the one-touch button that indicates the amount of battery life left.




At Php 2,995, this comes in four colors (black, grey, rose gold and blue).

The Promate Titan 20-C is for those who want a lot of power without having to give up style.

The Titan-20C is a high-capacity power bank with a powerful 20000mAh lithiumpolymer battery in a modern minimalist design. Charging any USB enabled devices with both USB-C and USB-A high-speed charging ports. The Titan-20C (Php 2,295 in blue, red, white and black) features automatic voltage regulation, which detects connected devices and provides the optimum charging output. You can charge two devices simultaneously during your long trips with high capacity you will never run out of power.

The powerhouse of all power banks is the Promate Capital-24, an 80W power delivery backup battery with 24000mAh.

With a Quick Charging 3.0 port, Capital-24 ensures the quickest charge to a USB-C device, MacBook or other PD enabled USB-C device at the optimal charging speed, up to 65W as well as the power bank itself. Capital-24 features power indicator LED along with the one-touch button that indicates the amount of battery life left. This comes in black and is priced at Php 4,995.

Promate Energi-10C is lithium polymer power bank with USB-C 10000mAh.

It is sleek and portable and comes in four colors (blue, white, pink and black). For Php 995, the Energi-10C is a bargain considering that it is from a reputable brand like Promate.

Promate is known for innovative products such as the Promate AuraWatch-1, which is not just a 6700mAh portable power bank for your phone but can also charge your Apple Watch when on the go. You can charge any other USB device via the 1A USB charging port on the AuraWatch-1 plus it’s sleek and not bulky so it will fit in small purses. This is another good buy for Php 3,995.

Promate’s products are designed by a team of talented industrial designers and engineers, who also meticulously manage the technology to ensure the highest quality.

For more information about Promate and its products, go to https://www.promate.net/collections/power.

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