Since its pilot episode last April 1, GMA Network’s hottest afternoon drama BIHAG took audience to a roller coaster ride of intense emotions and a story maze that even get its actors confused, surprised, excited and sometimes physically hurt.

In an intimate pocket interview held after an episode of ArtisTambayan, BIHAG lead stars Max Collins (Jessie), Jason Abalos (Brylle) and Sophie Albert (Reign) shares their experiences in making the afternoon drama series and lauded their co-actors for their dedication and professionalism.

There are three “BIHAG” (Prisoner/Hostage) elements in this series that I think holds the story together perfectly:

  • Its physical manifestation through the hostage-taking of the son of Jessie and Brylle – Ethan (played by Raphael Landicho)
  • Its relational manifestation through the infidelity of Brylle (Jason Abalos), who is in essence is a prisoner of Reign (Sophie Albert), who is also a prisoner of her own obsessions.
  • Its emotional manifestation through the characters of Jessie (Max Collins) and Amado (Neil Ryan Sese) who are both in the series are victims of circumstances, a hostage to the hands of fate.

There’s indeed more to this series than just the usual afternoon drama cat fights between two women for a man. To which both Sophie, Max and Jason confesses to have obtain a couple of pain and real injuries. Well, double on Sophie and Jason, since Max here is the one that’s always going berserk. Especially now that she’s been trained for combat by Mark Herras who plays the role of Larry, Jessie’s police friend.

During the interview, the three stars promises audience more intense scenes and plot twists that will surely leave them dumbfounded.

In the latest episode, Jessie just received confirmation that his son Ethan is really alive. The search begins again! Catch BIHAG weekdays on GMA Networks’ Afternoon Prime.

Here’s a RAW video of our interview:

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