Angkas announces today that they are now ready for its government sanctioned six-month pilot run in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

In a press conference held earlier at Shakeys Rajah Sulaiman, Angkas Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs George Royeca and Angkas Operations Head David Medrana revealed that they have come out with additional safety measures and a retraining of all its 27,000 biker-partners.

They have issued to each rider, 2 helmets, a brand new vest that has identification and safety features for the passengers as well, an Identification card on top of the booking app.

“Angkas is introducing special reflectorized vests with side straps that help bikers become more visible at niggt and aid passengers in holding on to the biker’s waist. Each vest also has the biker’s unique ID number, ensuring that only officially registered bikers can take bookings.” Medrana said during the press conference.

Royeca said that the retraining on the other hand is in compliance with the directive and recommendations of the Technical Working Group (TWG) created by the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

Angkas has been an advocate for biker education and training since the service’s inception.They have trained more than 100,000 motorcycle bikers to date but have accredited only 27,000 – this strict accreditation program has resulted to the app-based ride-hailing group’s current safety record of 99.997%.

“The safety of the riding public has always been Angkas’ advocacy. All our biker-partners go through rigorous riding skills assessments, written tests, and extensive safety training to ensure they meet very high safety standards. We fail over 70% of applicants to make sure that only the most capable bikers ferry passengers for Angkas,” Royeca said.

Royeca also mentioned that they will also focus on passenger education – the dos and donts of riding a motorcycle taxi. In fact, Angkas riders are tasked to treat all passengers as new passengers and present them a “passenger card” which contains safety and other instructions.

Did you know that Angkas passengers should always be given a face mask and shower cap before the trip?

Did you know that depending on the type of bike used by your Angkas rider, weight restrictions are strictly enforced for the safety of both the rider and the passenger.

Angkas also announced that there will be no changes on the fares. While there are still no word on when they can start their operation, Royeca and Medrana are confident that it’ll be soon.

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