National Geographic’s foray into human faith of a higher being with Morgan Freeman has been such a hit that it’s already in its third season.

Freeman takes us with him on a journey around the world, to converse with people from all kinds of faith to give us a story of God that transcends religious boundaries.

Morgan Freeman stands in front of the artwork at St. Gerasimos Monastery. (National Geographic/Maria Bohe)

Here are some of the things Morgan Freeman’s Story of God tells us about God:

  1. God is not confined to our religions. God is not confined to our narrow perceptions of what a higher being should be, so we should be open to connect our hearts and souls to spirituality, no matter where it leads us.
  2. There is a God-shaped hole in everyone that is filled with various beliefs that are shaped by our culture and environment.
  3. Bad things happen in the world not because God is evil, but rather we are out of touch with him/her/it and ourselves.
  4. Every belief has a creation story, and since no one can fully and definitively explain how everything came to be, God must have been there right from the start.
  5. While every religion has their own version of what the afterlife would be, there’s really no way of knowing until we get there to see if God is really waiting for us on the other side.

Watch as Morgan Freeman and his incredible voice continue to explore the different beliefs of people from around the world about God and other spiritual beliefs related to a deity on National Geographic’s Story of God season 3 on FOX+ starting June 20.

Morgan Freeman swings atop of a mountain in Kathmandu, Nepal.(National Geographic/Maria Bohe)

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