GoDaddy Inc., the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, recently gathered aspiring entrepreneurs, students, influencers and women in business in a workshop-inspired conference called “EntrepHERneur: Real Talk with GoDaddy, Maggie Wilson-Consunji and Friends”.

The event was hosted by GoDaddy Brand Ambassador Maggie  in her very own Casa Consunji, a café-inspired shop and home to her uniquely-sourced furniture pieces, located in Acacia Ave, Taguig.

Maggie shared the stage with Tina Shieh, GoDaddy Marketing Director for Asia, and business partner Parul Shah in leading an interactive workshop focused on encouraging entrepreneurship for women.

GoDaddy is committed to empowering entrepreneurs everywhere by providing tools and support needed to help everyday entrepreneurs grow and succeed online. This was showcased during an afternoon of fun learning and collaboration in educating attendees about the benefits of building a professional online presence for their ideas and ventures.

Casa Consunji is proof of how a website can help turn a business idea into a global success as Maggie and Parul talked about how they were able to grow the potential of the business and expand globally through an online store.

Casa Consuji’s website,  powered by GoDaddy, is designed to reach more customers across the Philippines and other parts of the world. Just two months since launching the website with GoDaddy, Maggie proudly shared that Casa Consunji already enjoyed a 30% increase in sales with customer orders coming from different countries in Asia and the U.S.

During the workshop, Maggie and Parul talked about their journey on how they fell in love with the concept of Casa Consunji and how GoDaddy has helped their passion business get discovered and attract more customers.

Girl talk turned into real talk about business and how this common passion inspires other women to succeed in their chosen fields.

“We are empowered women empowering other women,” chimed the brains behind Casa Consunji.

These talented women agreed that sharing their story can hopefully be a vehicle to help inspire other people to pursue their passions.

Startup entrepreneurs and students from different creative professions also shared their insights on becoming successful entrepreneurs. They were given a chance to participate in the discussion and ask Maggie and GoDaddy advice on creating an online business and how they can be better entrepreneurs.

In equipping attendees with a basic knowledge of website creation and management, Tina Shieh, GoDaddy Marketing Director for Asia, gave a demonstration on navigating GoDaddy Website Builder, and how to design and create a website optimized for both computers and mobile phones.

“It’s never been easier to communicate your idea or start a business online with today’s choice of easy-to-use tools offered at affordable prices. With GoDaddy Website Builder, people can create a beautiful, professional looking website in under an hour, even with a mobile phone, without having a lot of technical knowledge.”


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