Are you thinking of a Manila Staycation this weekend?

Staycation, a combination of the word “stay” and “vacation” is not a new concept. It is simply when one chooses to stay at their home country or check-in at a hotel, instead of going abroad for vacation.

A staycation or holistay, as defined by Wikipedia, is also a period in which an individual participates in leisure activities within driving distance of his or her own home.

Lately, and specially for busy professionals working in business districts here in Mega Manila, the trend has been increasing as more numbers of people now find peace by spending time at home or a comfy nearby hotel and have some needed rest and relaxation.

More than that, staycations also offer a lot of quiet and humble benefits.

Staycations Save Time

Living in the Philippines means having to battle at least 3 hours of travel going from home to work and vice versa. Just imagine how much worse the traffic can get when it is a drive going to the airport! More than that, long airline terminal queues also eat up a significant part of a traveler’s day. Add all the hassle of traffic, terminal queues, departure procedures, etc. One day could easily be wasted on preparation.

Staycations Are Good for the Environment

Checking in at a hotel also means contributing less to your carbon footprint! You would not have to use airplanes which require a massive amount of carbon emissions. Staying in a hotel is less harmful to the environment and really just pampers you to the core.

Staycations Give Time for Meditation

Our fast-paced lifestyle limits our time to meditate and value the importance of rest. Taking a break during a staycation allows you to spend your energy on your body and use it as a time for spiritual, emotional, and physical rest and healing.

Staycations Can Inspire

Having some down time also gives you a chance to explore more ideas. Quiet times away from chaos can generate fresh ideas and inspirations that can later be turned to productive projects.

Staycations Save Money

Staycations also save a huge amount of money. You need not worry about spending so much on food, budgeting travel expenses, and expensive air fares. All staycations really ask of you is to stay put and rest at your own terms.

Already convinced to hold your well-deserved, yet affordable R & R?

While there are many places in Manila where you can indulge in the activity, there are of course landmark venues that add a little something extra to the experience – Century Park Hotel is one of them.

Located at the heart of Manila, Century Park Hotel boasts facilities and rooms that are perfect for you to simply unwind and enjoy your time with your family. Currently, CPH has Summer Solstice Special Room Rate promo which starts at Php 3,500 (net) per room per night.

Now reap the benefits of that staycation the quick, affordable, and easy way at your home away from home!

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