Three-time reelectionist Ang Laban Ng Indignong Filipino (ALIF) Party-List is now in league with Telepreneur Corporation (TPC) to push for livelihood projects that aims to help uplift the lives of indigenous people in the Philippines.

Established in 2003, ALIF Party-List is first represented by congressman Acmad Tomawis serving from 2007 to 2014.

His son, Agakhan Tomawis together with TPC President Lorenzo Rellosa is now carrying the torch for the organization and aims to provide livelihood projects even to the far-flung areas of the country.

TPC is a duly registered 100% Filipino-owned MLM direct selling company in the Philippines with eloading as a flagship product.

ALIF believes that TPC’s track record of providing livelihood opportunities and changing the lives of ordinary people would be a great tool to help the indigenous people of the Philippines.

TPC as an MLM company is around 3.8M members strong which may produce a solid vote of at least 2M for the ALIF Party-List group.

Aside from livelihood, ALIF representatives said that they will also prioritize education and infrastructure.

ALIF is number 73 in the ballots.

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