“Until you have real compassion, you can not recognize love.” – Bob Thurman

By definition, COMPASSION is a feeling of deep sympathy for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

This Valentine’s Day, I was given a great opportunity to have with me in my heart a thousand many experiences of witnessing true compassion in its corporal manifestation through people that will most likely restore your faith in humanity.

Three of whom I had the pleasure of meeting last Sunday – Serenitea Founders Juliet Chen and Jennifer Wong, and Marietta Bonilla, the Founding President of Bahay Aruga. Three wonderful ladies who have shared #MomentsOfCompassion with the least, the last and lost.

Bahay Aruga is a halfway house for poor pediatric cancer patients who came from different parts of the country and are having their treatments here in Manila. Established in 2014, the facility is located at 1131 San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila beside my alma mater – Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC).

The whole house can accommodate up to a hundred individuals which includes a little over 50 cancer patients at a time together with a parent or the child’s designated guardian.

Last year, and beginning October, Serenitea launched a campaign to provide assistance to Bahay Aruga by donating 15% of the total sales of their newest and most sought after 2018 product line – the Brown Sugar series which is composed of four equally satisfying sweet drinks:

  • Pearl and Grass Jelly Brown Sugar – a concoction made with luscious brown sugar ice, chewy pearls, grass jelly, and cream that’s inspired by a Taiwanese dessert served in a cup
  • Pearl Brown Sugar Taho – a chilled Taho sweetened with luscious brown sugar ice and topped with freshly cooked chewy pearls
  • Pearl Brown Sugar with Holly’s Milk – a concoction made with chewy pearls drenched in luscious brown sugar syrup mixed with creamy premium farm fresh milk
  • Pearl Brown Sugar – a concoction made with chewy pearls drenched in luscious brown sugar syrup, mixed with creamy premium farm fresh milk, topped with our Signature Cheese Frost and generously sprinkled with Muscovado

The Brown Sugar series is one-of-a-kind because of its creamier taste without an overpowering sweetness. More so, the inclusion of a popular Filipino treat such as taho is also a way to take a beloved Pinoy street snack a notch higher for a cozy tea shop.

The campaign which coincides with Serenitea’s 10th year anniversary celebration, lasted for three (3) months and was available to raise close to a million in pesos. It culminated last Sunday with a special treat for the kids of Bahay Aruga.

The Serenitea team led by Ms Juliet Chen and Ojie Ocampo, brought with them “You’re My Foreignoy” and “PBB” celebrity, model TV personality Richard Ching Juan to join the program for the kids.

Aside from formally awarding the amount raised through the Serenitea Brown Sugar Series campaign, the group also treated the kids and their guardians to a special lunch and some giveaways.

With ten years of prosperity and success under its belt, Serenitea believes that it’s time to give back and share the blessings to the community that put them on the map. Serenitea promised to continue its mission to serve the best tea, coffee, and snacks in town, while giving back and improving the lives of others through charitable work.

To know more about Serenitea’s upcoming events and activities, follow Serenitea on Facebook at https://web.facebook.com/iloveserenitea, or on Instagram at http://instagram.com/iloveserenitea. You may also visit their website at www.iloveserenitea.com/.

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