So I’m done watching the 19th full length feature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and without giving away too much details, I would like to generally describe Avengers Infinity War as the END of Earth’s mightiest heroes but not necessarily the END of the Avengers.

Confused? Well, when you watch the movie, you wont be anymore. But for now let me break it down for you a little with some of the feels that I got from this movie. It will give you some idea of how the story of the 3rd Avengers movie went minus the spoilers.

1. In WAR, there are no winners just losers. And an infinity war is bound to give you immeasurable loss and grief.

2. The movie ends with not a single clap. All left the theater in silence. Because in essence, we all attended a funeral.

3. Infinity War is unorthodox or unconventional for an Avengers film. Even the end credit feature is surprisingly subtle.

4. In a nutshell, Infinity War (Avengers) brings in the juice while Civil War (Captain America) has more meat. Action was superb, the flow of the story is however a bit lacking in focus but interesting enough.

5. There are no eggs in this movie just an end-game scenario, but it does have a couple of blasts from the past that may also be described as surreal.

6. The opening scene will messed up your heart and mind, although I think it should have been expressed in a darker mood so audience would be able to immerse on the sadness.

7. Thanos will remind you of a character in the film “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” – and that what we call “a villainous deed” by over simplification may actually be what most people would refer to as ideology or even religion.

8. Infinity War will have some MIAs (missing-in-action), unwanted casualtIES (with emphasis on the IES) and a glimmer of MARVELous hope in the end.

9. Avengers Infinity War is one gigantic brawl that promises you non-stop action and surprises from start to finish. Butthe biggest surprise you’ll have to wait after the end credits.

While I must admit that it fails in comparison to the story line of “Captain America: Civil War” but what it lacks in substance it made up with fantastic action scenes and a reunion of ALMOST all the most important characters in the other 18 MCU features.

One of the most thrilling possibility opened up by this film is the rumored crossovers between the Avengers and X-Men franchise. It is bound to happen and Avengers Infinity War might have just already broken the ground to build on that suggestion.

So yeah, the movie feels like THE END but this end is also a beginning.

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