As man learned to build homes throughout the ages, the Earth has always been his first habitat. Therefore, as custodians of the environment, we have the responsibility to take care of it, starting with small, mindful steps within our own home and community.

This is why top-of-mind affordable real estate provider, Amaia Land, has adopted measures for sustainable living, which not only nurture its residents but also reduce the environmental impact of the development.

In line with the celebration of Earth Day, Amaia Land introduces its developments under the CA.R.E.S banner: Complete Accessibility and Connectivity, Right-sized community, Eco-friendly and Structural stability.

Accessibility and convenience are things Amaia Land puts a premium on. That is why it has located its projects in major growth areas alongside or near transport hubs. To encourage more sustainable forms of transport such as biking, Amaia provides bike racks in its house-and-lot developments. In certain villages, Amaia also provides shuttles or waiting sheds to facilitate the residents’ commute. Meanwhile, for most of its condominium developments, Amaia provides an arcaded retail area to reduce residents’ need for travelling further for basic needs.

Having a Right-sized-community is another important feature for Amaia. To enrich the residents’ quality of life, Amaia provides sufficient living and breathing space. Amaia limits its units to not more than 35 units per floor for its condo buildings, with some like Amaia Steps Nuvali having only 15 units per floor. Meanwhile, its subdivision developments have a lower density of only about 55 to 90 houses per hectare.

Petes Gamboa, head of Amaia’s design group, also points out that “Amaia offers relatively bigger lots which provides homeowners with adequate space to expand their houses in the future, thereby enabling their home to grow as the family grows.”

To boost Eco-efficiency, Amaia has implemented various initiatives such as the use of naturally-ventilated hallways in its buildings and village clubhouses and the use of energy-saving LED bulbs in common areas to reduce energy consumption.  Amaia encourages proper waste management by providing material recovery facilities for solid waste disposal. Patio greens and gardens serve as rain gardens to replenish the ground water supply.

With regards to Structural stability, Amaia aims to minimize the effects of natural disasters by building homes which are resistant to flood, earthquake, wind and fire. Residents can feel safe knowing that Amaia strictly complies with all laws and regulatory requirements. Prior to starting a project, Amaia conducts comprehensive geotechnical, flood, hydrological and other studies to address any risks.

To prevent flooding, Amaia ensures that the project has proper grading, a sufficient drainage system and access to outfall points. To cope with strong typhoons, Amaia puts into place building components like windows made of tempered glass and roofs that can withstand winds up to 300 kilometers per hour. Projects are built away from known fault lines. And to prevent destructive fires, Amaia uses fire-rated materials and employs comprehensive fire detection and sprinkler systems in mid-rise and high-rise projects.

“We at Amaia aim to incorporate sustainability features in our developments while still maintaining prices at affordable levels. We believe that sustainable living is something that should be embraced by everyone, even those in entry-level homes such as ours,” says Nikie Lingad, COO of Amaia Land. “We hope to encourage our residents and partners to work hand in hand with us in building and preserving sustainable communities that can last for generations to come.”

For inquiries about Amaia’s sustainability efforts and projects, check out www.amaialand.com or like www.facebook.com/AmaiaLand.

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