Far Eastern University (FEU) puts the spotlight on its artistic and cultural legacy by holding back-to-back ceremonies as part of its 90th anniversary celebration.

“We, at FEU, value the arts, and take pride in preserving our cultural treasures,” says FEU President Dr. Michael Alba. “Our 90th anniversary is a time to pay tribute to pioneers and visionaries who built and enriched our community.”

Ceremonial Lighting of the Historic Nicanor Reyes Building

FEU lights up its iconic Nicanor Reyes building, the longest-standing structure in the campus, to honor its namesake–the university’s founder and first president.

FEU, an oasis in the heart of downtown Manila due largely to its efforts to conserve its heritage buildings, holds the 2005 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Honorable Mention Heritage Award. The organization cites FEU as an “admirable and pioneering regional exemplar of holistic campus-wide approach to university preservation.”

Remembering Nick and Sarah Joaquin

On the same day, the FEU community shines the spotlight on Nick Joaquin and Sarah Joaquin’s contribution to Philippine Arts. FEU students, faculty, and alumni get dressed in their theatrical ensembles across various genres and milieu–as ode to the artists who largely influenced FEU’s arts and culture programs and sensibilities.

One of the national artist’s greatest contributions to FEU is the words to the University Hymn while his sister Sarah founded the FEU Theatre Guild.

As added entertainment for the occasion, members of the FEU Theatre Guild will perform poetry reading, scene interpretation, and excerpt readings.

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