One of the most overlooked and yet the MOST IMPORTANT part of any house, room office and physical structure are its lock. And if there’s anything I’ve learned about the recently concluded Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018 held at the BlueLeaf Filipinas Ballroom last Thursday (March 15), is that a LOCK is not just a LOCK.

KWIKSET, a global brand, is the world’s largest manufacturer of tubular lock and is the number one brand of choice when it comes to all kinds locks. Started in 1946 in Orange County California, the Kwikset brand is now available in many countries all over the world, including the Philippines.

Kevin Sander, Mark Jarvis and Dave Albert of Spectrum Brands, Inc.

Kwikset is one of the division of international company Spectrum Brands, Inc. which also carries other global brands like STP, ArmorAll, Tetra, Russell Hobbs, Remington, George Foreman, Varta and Rayovac.

Dave Albert, VP and APAC Managing Director of Spectrum Brands, Inc. said that they manufacture around 250,000 Kwikset locks daily.

The Kwikset brand has been around in the Philippines since the 1980s and while they are not most affordable brand around, Albert said that they are definitely the most innovative, durable and secure brand of locks in the market today.

Doors (and windows) are the first line of defense in any type of homes or physical structures, and yet it is the most vulnerable. That is why we reinforce it with locks – but not all locks are made the same way. Some locks are just more secured than other – just like Kwikset.

During the roadshow, Kevin Sander, the Product Manager for Kwikset International, simulated the different kinds of tests that they do to a Kwikset lock before it is given a go in the market. Sanders said that each batch of Kwikset knobs of levers had to passed the following tests:

  • Kevin Sander

    Vertical Load Test

  • Torque Test
  • Deadbolt & Strike Impact Test
  • Latch Bolt Strength
  • Cycle Test

Another thing that Sanders taught us during the roadshow is that there are two things that makes a lock product durable – chemical composition and its design (or engineering).

To compare Kwikset with other brands that are available in the market today, Sanders subjected these knobs to a chemical, power saw and hammer challenge during the roadshow – and Kwikset passed all tests with flying colors showing all the participants its superiority among all the other brands.

With the aim of securing the # 1 market position in the Philippines, Mark Jarvis, General Manager of Asia Sub Region of Spectrum Brands Inc., said that they’ll be bringing in to the Philippines all their latest innovations which includes the following products:

  • Kwikset Door Knobs and Locks with the Smartkey Security Feature which allows you to re-key your lock in seconds even without the aid of a locksmith or a new knob just in case you lost your key or forgot where you left it. Kwikset knobs with Smartkey Security are also bump proof and pick resistant.
  • Kwikest door hardwares with Microban anti-microbial coating technology that last as long as the finish – virtually a lifetime.
  • Kwikset Electronic Deadbolts that comes in both touchpad or touchscreen electronic key locks. All electronic deadbolts have options for either key or keyless entry for more convenience.
  • Top-of-the-Line Kwikset PREMIS touchscreen smart lock and the Kwikset KEVO Touch-to-Open Smartlocks with remote-open mobile app features that allows you to open the door with a touch of a finger or through your mobile phones via bluetooth. Cool right?


Kwikset here in the Philippines is distributed by HERCO Trading, Inc. and is available in Wilcon and other hardware stores nationwide. According to Department Manager Noel Yao Chan, HERCO is the number one hardware distributor in the country right now. Listed as one of the Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines, the company is more than a hundred years old and is eveolving and continuously adapting with the needs of the times. HERCO products are even available in online shops like Lazada.

Also present during the Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018 are Herco President Willy T. Co and Department Manager Samuel Sia.

Samuel Sia, Willy Co and Noel Yao Chan of Herco Trading, Inc.
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