I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t like parties – and this has nothing to do with age.

Though I’ve been to many and even initiated a couple of awesome parties myself in the past, the idea of a social gathering holds no appeal to me and most especially if it’s a public affair where most of the people going are aliens (beings you don’t really know and understand).

The holiday season or Christmas season here in the Philippines is generally characterized by parties left and right, depending on the number of your associations, groups or affiliations – you (and your wallet) may be up for the greatest challenge of the year.

But not for me, because aside from being notoriously known as probably the most frugal person on this universe, I also exercise my right to choose which parties I’d go to during this time of year with all things considered like location, schedule, program, the people who sent me the invite and of course the people who were invited.

TIME is short to spend it on parties (and people) that don’t really make sense to you.

Anyway, about a dozen of invites (work-related and personal), I only went to three parties this year so far and here’s why.


Scheduled on the 12th of December, the GMA Artist Center Christmas Party was held at Music 21 Timog just like last year. Main reason I went are the people. I love being with these people – they’re the ones that I can be myself and not worry about anything else. Also, I consider the people from Artist Center as family as well.

Photo: GMA Artist Center

The Christmas party was in disguise actually, it was scheduled along with two (2) blog conferences. One for Jak Roberto and then for Mark Herras. After that,it was KTV sessions with our Kapuso friends Joshua Jacobe of TOP and some members of ONE UP.

What sets the GMA Artist Center Christmas Party apart from others is a three-round of raffle surprises! It’s like a tradition already LOL.  Everyone gets to take home something – and you don’t even have to bring something for an exchange gift! 🙂


Yes, there are two departments in GMA “where you belong” 🙂 The social media team also has a separate party for bloggers and other social media influencers.

The party was held later on the same date as with GMA Artist Center but at a different venue – The Armory, owned by actor Martin Del Rosario.

Photo: Jing Javier

This party is different in a way because it has lots of fun group games and prizes. A more chillax party set with great music and lots of food. And as a yearly tradition, GMA Parties are graced by Kapuso stars. This year we get to mingle with TOTGA lead actress Rhian Ramos and Kambal Karibal’s Jeric Gonzales and former Kapamilya actress Kyline Alcantara. The event was hosted by GMA Social Media’s Alfonso Aycardo.


The third Christmas party I went to was the one organized by Greenwich at their Bonifacio Stopover Branch in BGC, Taguig.

BGC is actually one of the events venue that I don’t really like going to – it’s just so hard to get in and out from this place most especially during the holiday season. BUT, I love Greenwich – so that’s that! 🙂

Photo: Martin Andrade

As expected it was loaded with pizza! (the best food in the world) – but of course we also got to taste a lot of Greenwich’s other signature dishes like pasta, chicken and chips (potato waves) and smoothies.

My new favorites from Greenwich is actually their Creamy Carbonara! But you know, that Lasagna is just so timeless!

I was able to taste more of their pizza flavors when I joined the “Guess The Greenwich Pizza” game. Sadly, I was a little slow on the flag raising – so I didn’t win but I did enjoy the pizza!

The theme of the party was in “Quiz Night” fashion and our group (table) won the first category which is a “memory game”. We might have lost the second round but we still had a lot of fun – especially after seeing that OTSO OTSO dance of Greenwich celebrity brand ambassador and actor-host Robi Domingo. 🙂

There are also some parties this year that as much as I would like to go to and represent but I just couldn’t because of the schedule.

But the holidays are not over yet, and I’m feeling a little more sociable at the moment so I am already set for two more upcoming parties this Month. Will keep you posted! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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