The wizards are coming! Last Month, I was able to meet master magician BEN HART and a couple of days ago it was MAGICAL BONES’ turn to visit Manila to promote the IMPOSSIBLE Magic Show at the Araneta Coliseum from December 25 to January 3.


MAGICAL BONES, dubbed as the world’s greatest (and only) hip hop magician delighted the press who attended conference at Novotel Araneta Center Cubao last Monday (November 20) with his own brand of close-up magic.

I was really hoping to see him do his famous back flip card trick but I guess the stage during the conference wasn’t designed for it – and so I’ll just have to see that during the show. When asked about his favorite trick, Magical Bones said that he can’t reveal it yet because it’s going to be one of the highlights of the IMPOSSIBLE Magic Show in Manila.

But here are some of the things he revealed during the media conference:

First of all, where did the name “Magical Bones” came from?

I used to be a Bboy or breakdancer, I still do a lot of music videos, competitions and events, and that’s where I got the nickname “bones” because of the style I do, it’s very hard-hitting, it’s Bboy but I also do a lot of popping and breaking, it’s that hardness that they’d call me “bones”.. and then when I became a professional magician, they added “magical’ to the front of that, so “Magical Bones”

So, what is Magical Bones’ real name?

Well my real name is not that exciting, it’s Richard.

What is the first Magic Trick that you’ve learn?

The first trick I’ve learned is probably the coin vanishing.

What makes your style of magic different or more interesting?

As a performer, if you can incorporate your own personality, your own background and experience into your performance, that’s way way more interesting than just saying here’s a coin and look at this, If I can say, hey, this is who I am as a person, I’m a hip hop dancer and this is how I present magic, that I think is interesting.

Any magicians you look up to?

Yeah, I like David Blaine, I think he’s really really good, and um Dynamo, he’s a UK magician.

MAGICAL BONES is a South London street conjurer. He said during the conference that magic has always been a hobby when he was a kid even before becoming a professional dancer. As a dancer, he was able to perform on stage with international stars like Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas. Mixing both talents, he was able to find a new calling as a professional hip hop magician.

See Magical Bones as he performs live at the Araneta Coliseum from December 25 to January 3 together with five other master illusionists Ben Hart, Ali Cook, Chris Cox, Josephine Lee and Bello Nock.

IMPOSSIBLE MANILA is produced by James Hardy and promoted here in the Philippines by Wilbros Live. Ticket prices at 1,800, 1,500, 1,200, 800, 500 and 150 Pesos. Available at www.ticketnet.com.ph and all Ticketnet outlets. Call 911-5555 and 374-9999.



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