GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL finally revealed celebrity cosplayer MYRTLE SARROSA as the their 2018 Calendar Girl and new GSM Blue brand endorser!

Myrtle dressed up as a kicka$$ winged warrior made her spectacular entrance coming down from the ceiling of the C3 Events Place in San Juan last Tuesday (November 7). She then performs a version of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” on the stage before introducing the five (5) exciting 2018 GSM calendar designs.

The calendars feature Myrtle Sarrosa in different cosplay outfits to highlight the five (5) different brands under GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL.

An Iconic Angel for GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL

A Cyber Chic for GSM BLUE


A Forest Enchantress for VINO KULAFU

A Lady Boss for the firth calendar design that featured all the GSM brands


The grand reveal also coincides with the launch of GSM’s #MixForMore campaign which explains the reason for selecting Myrtle Sarrosa as the brand’s new Calendar Girl and endorser.

“The campaign reflects the millennials’ insatiable thirst to explore and their longing for fruitful passion,” says GSM Blue Brand Manager Winchie Tobias. “For this age group, it’s all about immersion to create a better version of a moment.”

Millennial Sexy

Myrtle is the archetype of a millennial which makes her the perfect face of GSM Blue and the new campaign. Aside from her popularity in the cosplay world, she’s also an actress, a blogger, singer, VJ and more. Myrtle is the perfect mix of everything – young, adventurous, passionate and innovative. She’s living an epic life that is not defined by one thing and she is not afraid to mix things up.

WATCH Myrtle Sarrosa’s grand entrance in this video:


Highlighting GSM Blue’s #MixForMore campaign are the introduction of two new FLAVORS – Margarita and Gin Pomelo.

GSM Blue Flavors Margarita

This drink combines the tang of lime, sweetness of orange liqueur with lime and the distinctive strength of tequila flavor. A true blue classic drink from Mexico.

GSM Blue Flavors Gin Pomelo

This drink is based on the original Pinoy concoction that became a hit in the 90’s when a juice brand launched litro packs of pomelo juice which became a favorite mix for gin among many Filipino drinkers. This was a real party favorite and alternative to the regular punch.

These new flavors give millennials options whether they’re chilling at home or partying with friends. It has a light alcohol content of 35 proof and is now available in 700ml bottles in all 7Eleven outlets for only 135 Pesos.

Also present during the launch were GSM General Manager Noli Macalalag and GSM Marketing Manager Ron Molina.

Noli Macalalag
Ron Molina

To sum up – GSM 2018 Calendar goes cosplaying with new GSM Blue endorser Myrtle Sarrosa and #MixForMore campaign partners with 7Eleven and outs two new 35 proof flavors – Margarita and Gin Pomelo.

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