How young are you when you produced your first film? And kapuso actress BEA BINENE will answer “19” in an interview that is going to happen a couple of years from now.

FADING PARADISE debuted last night (October 20) at Gateway Cinema 7 as part of the featured films of QCinema International Film Festival 2017. This advocacy film about the environment is Bea Binene’s first self-produced full length indie movie.

The concept was hers, but she collaborated with a lot of talented friends in the industry to make it a reality, particularly with Jay Abello who wrote the script and director Aurel Ayson.

During a pocket media conference held at Pamana Restaurant in Quezon City last Tuesday (October 17), Bea gave all the production credits to her mom, who tirelessly ironed-out all the production details. The young actress however, admits to helping with some areas production like in the marketing and promotion aspect of the project.

But the question is, WHY would you watch and support this film? Here are a couple of really good reasons that I found out during my interview with the young actress:

1. More than being her first self-produced film, FADING PARADISE is an advocacy project that centers on helping to raise awareness about the environment.

In the movie, BEA BINENE who plays the role of student filmmaker “Bea” together with a couple of her vlogger friends goes on an out-of-town trip to Bicol for a film project and discovers a beautiful virgin island that is now in danger of being exploited by some greedy capitalists.

“Through this film, we hope to raise awareness on the state of our environment, particularly in relation to the country’s virgin islands,” Bea said last Tuesday.

2. Bea’s love for the environment actually started when she was selected as one of the Junior Ambassadors for Haribon Foundation, a group whose environmental programs are centered on habitat conservation, sustainability and community organizing and empowerment. As young as she is, Bea has already supported many different kinds of causes but her advocacy for the environment remains to be at the top of her list.

She said that the film is meant to plant a seed of “love for the environment” in the hearts and minds of those who will watch it, particularly the young people and millennials. A seed that she prays will grow and spread to as many people as possible to make a significant change in the future.

3. According to Bea, FADING PARADISE has an open ending. What this means is that those who will watch it has to make their own conclusion. It was made that way with the purpose of creating a venue for people to hold discussions and make recommendations.

Aside from the theater-loving public, the real target of the film FADING PARADISE are the students. The film will be offered in schools. After the film-showing, the school may conduct a forum to discuss how the movie has affected the viewers and gather feelings, observations and recommendations that may help the school draft or improve their own environmental programs.

Bea said that she and the cast has committed themselves to volunteer in making appearances during the film-showing as part of the film projects’s advocacy.

4. Speaking of the cast, Bea invited friends for this project like Krystal Reyes, Coleen Perez, Kenneth Paul Cruz, Mark Castillo, and Angelo Serna. Also appearing in the movie is veteran actress and politician Alma Moreno.

5. Finally, get your first chance of watching this film through the QCinema International Film Festival 2017. Screening schedules are:

  • October 20 (Friday) – Gateway Cinema 7 (1:30pm)
  • October 24 (Tuesday) – Robinsons Galleria Cinema 7 (3:30pm)
  • October 26 (Thursday) – QC Museum Mini Theater (3:00pm)

For inquiries about the film, you may email [email protected]

The media conference for Fading Paradise was supported by the GMA Artist Center, Unisilver Time and Etude House.

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