What first-time viewers did not understand about the IT movie (then and now) is that it’s more of a coming-of-age story set in a backdrop of a horrifying event. As with other Stephen King novels, the horror is in the story itself.

While it can scare the wits out of little kids and end the careers of birthday clowns and clown magicians, the movie is not about the scares but the story behind it all.

I have watched both the 1990s mini-series and the 2017 movie version, and I am not disappointed with the new adaptation. Director Andy Muschietti, in my opinion, has successfully filled a lot of holes from the 1990s version. Well, he had to change the direction of the previous plot to be able to do this but the substance of the story remained in tact.

For example, here’s the same scene from 1990 and 2017 – you could already spot the difference.

1990’s IT

Jonathan Brandis (Bill), Brandon Crane (Ben), Adam Faraizl (Eddie), Emily Perkins (Beverly), Marlon Taylor (Mike), Seth Green (Richie) and Ben Heller (Stan).

2017’s IT

Jaeden Lieberher (Bill), Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben), Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie), Sophia Lillis (Beverly), Chosen Jacobs (Mike), Finn Wolfhard (Richie) and Wyatt Oleff (Stan).

The only thing that Muschietti did not change much is the start of the film.

Also, the 1990s was a mini series and naturally it’ll be too long for 2 1/2 hour film. So aside from starting from the present with a lot flashbacks, Muschietti opted for the direct approach and tell the story of the past first and then make a sequel. Well I hope they will.

You might also feel that it’s like a Spielberg movie because the period was changed from 60s to 80s but the over-all mood was different though.

Pennywise (you know the killer clown) was also more serious in the new version. The 90s version of the clown was portrayed by Tim Curry while in the film adaptation it was Bill Skarsgard who did the “You’ll Float Too” thingy. His version was like the Joker from the after life.

Over-all this film is worth the watch! I love the story then, still love it now.

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