Do you have someone in your life who HATE and LOVE you at the same time?

Kapuso artist THEA TOLENTINO have tons of them! She calls all of them FRIENDS while that particular group of people call themselves as THEAfanatics – her loyal fans!

I met a couple of them during Thea’s 21st birthday celebration held at the main business office of the brand Afficionado in Quezon City. The whole event was sponsored by the Lord of Scents himself – Mr. Joel Cruz in cooperation with GMA Artists Center, Goldilocks and Jellyace.

Thea Tolentino with Joel Cruz and the TheaFanatics

The event which happened last Tuesday (August 29) is actually the first time the actress has celebrated her birthday together with fans. She told rainCHECK that she has met a couple of them personally in some occasion but never as a group and during her birthday.

And with the roles she’s getting in GMA shows right now, it’s a wonder that she still has a lot of adoring fans. But she has lots of it!

All of them sharing how they all hated her in shows like Anna Karenina (2013), The Half-Sisters (2014-2016), Hahamakin Ang Lahat (2016) and currently in Haplos as Lucille.

However, her fans explained that they all hated the characters she has portrayed in GMA shows but adores her still as an artist. That only shows how effective she is in portraying villain roles they explained during the event. In fact, the fans attested to how lovable Thea is in real life.

While she’s good in playing the antagonist in TV series, she has also played the protagonist in many occasions as well. She also played lead in PYRA (2013).

But Thea admitted that playing villain roles is somewhat like a comfort zone for her. She shared that intense roles like that helped her in bringing out her acting abilities. That’s why she’s not bothered by it.

She also told rainCHECK that her character Lucille in Haplos might be the worse (in terms of her capability to do evil and physical harm) villain role she has ever portrayed yet. And Angela (Sanya Lopez) is really in for a big fight.

Thea with Joel Cruz and event host TOP’s Joshua Jacobe
Thea and Joshua

Thea entered showbiz in 2012 when she joined and won GMA Network’s reality talent search program called Protege under the mentorship of Direk Gina Alajar.

Aside from acting, Thea is also taking up Business Administration at the Trinity University of Asia. She plans to invest on a food business next year. She will also be part of Regal Film’s upcoming RomCom film “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” featuring Ken Chan and Barbie Forteza.

When asked what else is on her list of things-to-do this year or the next year – she told rainCHECK that she always wanted to go back to Japan. She also wants to do Cosplay this year – and she has Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist in mind, thank goodness that it’s not another VILLAIN. 🙂

Anyway, I think it’s great to have what Thea have right now in her life. People who can always say directly to our faces that they hated us for doing this and doing that but continues to love us even so. Real Friends, right? 🙂

Happy Birthday Thea!


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