SOUL BROTHERS may be perceived as a very old title, but for the Philippines foremost R&B artists Jay R, Billy Crawford and Kris Lawrence, it is the most perfect title to describe their relationship in-and-out of the music industry as well as their upcoming concert at the Kia Theater on September 15.

Soul is best described as a type of music of African-American origin that became popular in the 1950s – it combines classical R&B (Rhythm and Blues) styles with Jazz and Gospel. Soul is also the term used to describe the incorporeal essence of a living being – a spirit.

Jay R, Kris Lawrence and Billy Crawford not only shares the same musical preferences and styles as performing artists and songwriters but also a brotherly friendship that goes beyond work.

Aside from the music, all three artists have spent their youth in the US (America) – hence, the influence of soul and R&B and the title SOUL BROTHERS.


Billy Crawford made his international music debut in 1999 with a self-titled album followed by four more albums from 2002 to 2009, with “Ride” and “Big City” as his biggest, in terms of distribution success. Billy Crawford was also tagged as the kid who sang the Pokemon Movie theme in 1999.

Billy is a mainstay host of the hit Philippine variety show “It’s Showtime” and still active in the music scene as mentor and songwriter. The artist also revealed during the media conference last Thursday that he’s coming out something really fresh probably this year – he didn’t give any details about the project but promises that it’s going to be big and worldwide!

JAY R (36)

Jay R Sillona is dubbed as the Prince of R&B and Soul in the Philippines. He was already doing gigs in Los Angeles as early as the late 90’s together with Kris Lawrence. In 2003, he signed in with Universal Records to record his first album in the Philippines “Gameface” followed by a self-titled album in December, 2005.

At that time R&B is on the rise in the Philippines, but the trends for artists and recording labels are also leaning towards “covers” – and so on 2006, Jay R created his own recording label Homeworkz with the tagline “Original Music Only” which aims to promote and support creativity among local artists.


The youngest among the trio, he started his career alongside his best friend and mentor Jay R. His first major appearance in the local entertainment scene was in the 2005 ABS CBN reality talent search show “Star In A Million Season 2”. Known for his soulful voice and impressive vocal range, Kris went on to do four (4) albums with four different labels from 2006 to 2015.

  • Kris Lawrence (Star Records)
  • Moments of Love (MCA)
  • Spread The Love (GMA Records)
  • Most Requested Playlist (Universal Records)

Just recently, Jay R and Kris Lawrence have collaborated to produce the new theme song of the pageant Miss World Philippines, which they said took them only an hour to make. Billy occasionally joins the two to jam and write songs usually for each other and other artists.

They also said that an all-original recording project involving all three of them in one album is something they would seriously consider.

“We have a song with all of us together called Habang Buhay. It will be part of my upcoming album. We will launch the song digitally very soon.” Jay R disclosed.

But for now, and after their concert at the Kia Theater on September 15, the three artists will be bringing SOUL BROTHERS in other stages abroad and possibly on a nationwide tour.

“We already have a Soul Brothers show in San Francisco on October 6, Los Angeles on October 7, San Diego on October 8, and we’re finalizing a few more cities in the U.S. and Canada, and possibly UAE.” Jay R explained.

But prior to the Kia Theater concert, SOUL BROTHERS have already been staged in Guam and New York.

“This edition will be special because we are home in Manila. We have more room to play around with our stage and concepts. For sure, there will be duets and collabs with the three of us. I’ll be singing my new single Kabilang Dako. Bill and Kris will also be performing their new songs.” Jay R said.

Among their guest performers are their close friends Daryl Ong, Sam Concepcion, Jay Durias and Gloc 9.

SOUL BROTHERS is produced by ALV Events International, in cooperation with HomeWorkZ Music.

Tickets are available at ticketnet.com.ph. Showtime is 8:00 p.m.


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