From producing quality and award-winning films to breakthrough TV shows and mini-series, The IdeaFirst Company led by directors Jun Robles Lana and Perci Intalan has always stood to their mantra “Content Is King”, and the local mainstream entertainment industry are finally understanding what it means.

Films like Bwakaw (2012), Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan (2015) and Die Beautiful (2016) has gained much favor not only in the indie circle but also with the general movie-going public.

Last Tuesday (August 15), Direk Jun and Perci made another bold move by announcing that The IdeaFirst Company is now formally an artist management group as well with five (5) new breed directors and three (3) talented performing artists joining the initial line-up.

“Artists (not just celebrities) are now the stars of Philippine showbiz,” says Direk Perci. “People are now buying tickets if they see that a film has a good story made by great storytellers and performed by a good cast of actors. This is the new winning formula: Good Story + Good Cast. That’s why when we formed The IdeaFirst Company the vision was to put artistry at the core of our business.”


  • Prime Cruz (Best Director at QCinema for “Ang Manananggal Sa Unit 23B”)
  • Miko Livelo (Writer-Director of acclaimed comedies Tanods, Blue Bustamante and I Love You To Death)
  • Ivan Andrew Payawal (Writer-Director of I America)
  • Dominic Lim (Writer-Director of The Write Moment)
  • Sigrid Andrea Bernardo (Writer-Director of Ang Huling Cha Cha Ni Anita and Kita Kita)


  • Christian Bables (Urian and MMFF Best Supporting Actor for Die Beautiful)
  • Cedrick Juan (On The Wings of Love, The Ashes and Ghosts of Tayug 1931)
  • Adrianna So (Formerly Malak So of TV5,

“It’s an exciting time for all artists working in our industry, because there is an audience that’s now pushing us to do more and to do better,” adds Direk Jun.  “So both as producers and as managers, we want everyone in our team to constantly challenge themselves.  And with the roster we have, I am already quite excited for what’s coming.  It looks like we are indeed entering a new golden age of Philippine entertainment.”

During the grand launch and media conference held at the Hive Hotel and Convention Place in Quezon City last Tuesday, Direk Perci and Direk Jun said that while the initial criteria for selecting the creatives and performers that they have now in their roster is if their work ethics and artistic inclinations jive with theirs.

In a casual interview, Direk Perci expounded on the statement by adding passion and the talent that goes along with that passion as primary considerations for selecting future members of The IdeaFirst Company Artist Management circle.

He also added that while they are more than willing to welcome other artists to join the group (even seasoned directors and performers), they would also be selective as they are still a growing company.

Speaking of growth, Direk Perci said that The IdeaFirst Company was able to produce 6 films last year (2016).  This year they are expected to finish with 10 films along with 5 made-for-TV series projects for Cignal TV – “From Helen’s Kitchen“, “Sleepless”, “The Orbiters”, “Feels Like Forever” and “Born Beautiful”.

“We believe that the key to growth is collaboration,” says Direk Perci. “Collaboration happens on multiple levels at The IdeaFirst Company.  It happens internally among the content creators.  It happens between the storytellers and our performers.  It happens externally between our team and the teams of other companies that we do projects with like Regal, Viva, Quantum and Star Cinema.”


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