HAPLOS is taking GMA Afternoon Prime TV viewers to a new level with a show that resonates the primetime fantasy-driven series of GMA Network as producers pairs actor Rocco Nacino once again with Encantadia’s Danaya, Sanya Lopez.

HAPLOS which started last Monday (July 10) is Sanya’s second lead acting role with GMA Drama. Discovered by the late Master Showman German Moreno, Sanya played support roles in the series Dormitoryo, The Half Sisters and The Millionaire’s Wife. She is also the sister of Meant To Be star Jak Roberto.

Sanya Lopez

Encantadia fans were thrilled to learn that Danaya and Aquil will still be together even after the series has ended but this time as Angela (Sanya) and Gerald (Rocco). In a way, the two are now taking their successful pairing to the next level.

Rocco Nacino and Sanya Lopez

During the show’s grand media launch, Rocco declares that Sanya was an inspiration. Sanya on the other hand told the press how much a caring and thoughtful person Rocco Nacino is. Because of their visible on-screen chemistry in Encantadia, the two seems to be building a lot of supporters already, and this might be one of the things to look forward to in HAPLOS.

Aside from Sanya and Rocco, the show also features Thea Tolentino (Lucille) and Pancho Magno (Benedict).

What if you have in your hands both the power to heal and destroy. A gift and at the same time a curse. This is the story of HAPLOS.

The show also stars Celia Rodriguez, Emilio Garcia, Patricia Javier, Francine Prieto, Diva Motelaba and many others. Directed by Gil Tejada, Jr.

Catch HAPLOS, Mondays to Fridays on GMA Afternoon Prime.

“Power. Real power comes from the heart. The tools we humans use are labeled good or evil only by the one who wields it.”

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