KRIS BERNAL is back on TV with a new afternoon series based on the 1994 film “Sa Isang Sulok Ng Pangarap” and the 2007 hit TV drama series of the same title, IMPOSTORA.

IMPOSTORA tells the story of a good-natured woman named Nimfa who will be forced to take part in a devilish plan to fool the family of an unfaithful wife named Rosette by undergoing facial reconstruction and to assume the latter’s identity for certain period of time.  Kris Bernal portrays the characters of both Nimfa and Rosette.

In a special pilot preview of the first episodes of IMPOSTORA, lead star Kris Bernal said that she’s a little tensed about doing this project and considers this a big leap from being the meek, mild and child-like character of “Little Nanay” to the extremely daring and bold character of Rosette in “Impostora.”

Kris said that she welcomes the change which comes from maturing both in age and also as an actress but is worried about how fans will react to it.

Well for starters, her fiesty character Rosette will have a lot of hot and steamy scenes with husband Homer (Rafael Rosell) and lover Jeremy (Ryan Eigenmann). Nimfa on the other hand will have her fair share of passionate love scenes with Homer as well.

IMPOSTORA however promises to be another afternoon hit that will definitely confuse audience of whether to LOVE or HATE Kris Bernal – because in principle, she’s both “Bida” and “Kontrabida” in the series.

Was it fun playing both? Well, co-stars commented that they can’t hardly talk to Kris on the set because she always needs time to switch from one character to the other in between takes. That’s how hard it is. But they however commented that Kris was able to pull this off quite magnificently.

Joining Kris at the Pilot Preview are co-stars: Rita Daniela as Maureen (who also sang the series’ theme song), Vaness Del Moral as Crisel and Sinon Loresca as loyal best friend Maxi.

Joining them also in the series are: Assunta De Rossi, Paul Salas, Elizabeth Oropesa, Aicelle Santos, Joonee Gamboa, Marky Lopez, Leandro Baldemor and many others.

IMPOSTORA airs Monday to Friday beginning July 3 on the GMA Afternoon Prime Block after “Ika-6 Na Utos.”  

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