Filipinos and their love for music and singing? That’s a given!

No party is ever complete without music, and with the introduction of the KARAOKE in the Philippines during the 90’s, everyone from everywhere became an instant singer-performer and every party – a concert stage. Celebrations are incomplete without a marathon singing session, fiestas only become more festive if there is a singing competition.

The Karaoke System may have originated in Japan, but Filipinos made it famous all over the world. It became the cheapest and most indispensable equipment for parties, events, seminars and all sorts of occasions during the 90’s until the mid-2000.

And with the invention of the modern Karaoke Box or Videoke Machines and the proliferation of KTV bars in most cities, singing has become like second nature for most Filipinos.

This love for singing and videoke is what prompted two friends to start a company that will provide Filipinos with a quality videoke system, complete with the latest features but at a more reasonable price.

MP Megapro Plus and Megasound

Founded by Mr. Kim Sungbok and business partners Mr. Jacinto Co and son Mr. Andy Co, MP Megapro Plus Marketing Corporation is one of first local companies to manufacture its own line of karaoke systems.

“Our vision was to spread entertainment throughout the Philippines and truly showcase the Filipinos’ natural festive attitude through singing,” said Mr. Andy Co.

MP Megapro Plus Marketing Corporation first began to develop and manufacture its own karaoke system in 2006, using Korean engineering technology.  The first model they introduced in the market was the MP-100NS DVD system.

The MP-100NS became their flagship model as the consumer embraced the product well and remains as one of their bestselling models to date.

The MP-100NS includes all the features you need in a videoke player such as various sound source support for karaoke (MIDI, LIVE CHORUS: backup singer & Instruments, WAVE, & Lyrics). High Performance Mic/Echo processor; USB playback and recording, Up to 5 kinds of background video; on-screen song search for more that 18,000 song titles; song reserve with back-up in case of power failure, storage 256 favorite-songs and display; voice output for 10 key input. All Karaoke function (Reserve, Song Search, New song display, BGV, Vocal, Melody on/off, Change of Rhythm, Genre selection, Key &tempo control, Score function and it also doubles as a DVD Player.

Over the years, MP Megapro Plus Marketing Corporation has continued to develop more products to meet the demands of the diverse market, both for home and commercial use.

Liza Soberano

To launch its latest lineup of videoke machines as well as its new brand the Megasound Brand, MP Megapro Plus, signed multi-talented actress Liza Soberano to be its very first celebrity endorser.

The launch event was held at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City and was attended by select media guests and valued trade partners.

“We chose Liza, not only because we believe that she best represents our brand but also because she embodies the millennial Filipino, ambitious, talented, very hardworking, and most importantly – loves to sing in her free time,” says Co.

Among the products launched were the MegaproPlus Karaoke DVD Player Home Entertainment System; High Definition Multi-Purpose Karaoke system for Home and Commercial Use; Karaoke Hard Disk Player Premium Quality Entertainment System; wired and wireless microphones, amplifiers; Professional Karaoke Speaker Series; outdoor loudspeakers, and videoke cabinets.

Coinciding with the launch Megapro Plus also announced expansion plans in-line with the company’s vision of adding more products to enhance their customer’s karaoke experience. The brand showcased its own lineup of speakers, amplifiers, LED TV as well as other consumer appliances.

MegaproPlusKaraoke is available nationwide. For more information or online orders, please visit www.mpmegaproplus.com, like us @megaproplus.ms on Facebook and follow their Twitter and Instagram accounts:@megaproplus_ms

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