What do you WISH someone who at a very young age already has a very impressive portfolio of outstanding achievements in all the many facets of life?

JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE who just turned 23 last May 17 (Wednesday) is one phenomenal singer-actress – there are only a few young recording artists in the Philippines today who are deserving of the title of a “singer” and Julie Anne is one of them.

Regardless of how many entertainment-based trophies (and awards) she received from her 12-year career (5 as a solo recording artist), the only thing that really matters are the ones that she got from her music. A Quadruple Platinum award for the song “I’ll Be There”, a Diamond Record Award for her self-titled solo debut album and Triple Platinum Record Award for her sophomore album “Deeper.”

It’s like GMA Records has won the jackpot with Julie Anne and with three commercially successful solo albums under her belt, there’s no reason for people to think that her star will fade anytime soon.

Last Tuesday (May 16) – a day before her actual birthday and a day after her super trending Kapuso Playlist performance – Julie Anne San Jose, with the help of her GMA Artist Center family, treated some of her fans to a fun pre-birthday bowling party at Paeng’s Bowl and Billiards in Citywalk, Eastwood City.

Arianne Bautista hosted a short program at the bowling alley for the birthday girl before the actual game. The party was made possible with the support of Paeng’s Bowl and billiards, Goldilocks and Converse who provided the prizes for the games.

We were also able to talk to the Pop Princess moments before her practice game and asked her about birthday wishes and other things.


Well, we couldn’t offer Julie Anne a wish (except for happiness – that sounded a little cliche) since we couldn’t think of anything and because it seems like she already has everything – a successful career, a college degree and a love life. So it was really surprising that she was able to tell us a couple of more things that she wanted to accomplish:

  • Explore (learn) more musical instruments
  • Get a masters degree
  • Teach
  • Travel
  • A concert with full orchestra accompaniment
  • Pursue broadway


We also asked about her wish concerning her present relationship with actor Ben Alves and she said,

“He always makes me happy. Salamat sa pagmamahal. Birthday wish ko sana wag siya magsawa. Sana huwag niya akong iwan.” 

And speaking of birthday wishes, here are some of the most notable birthday wishes on Julie Anne San Jose’s Twitter Page @MyJaps

Here are some videos of Julie Anne’s bowling party at Paeng’s and Interview clips:

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