I am one of the people who USED to hate pineapples on Pizza! A Hawaiian (Pizza or Burger) is usually the last on my list – it just didn’t click for me!

But that was then, and like with most other things in this world – you wouldn’t really know that you like (or hate) something if you don’t give it a try.

And that’s where People and Pizza are alike.. some have pineapples. 🙂

But seriously, I LOVE pineapples on Pizza now! Specially the GREENWICH HAWAIIAN OVERLOAD PIZZA!

Ever wondered what the people from Greenwich puts in a Hawaiian Overload? Well, CHEF SARA showed us how to make one during the Hawaiian Themed PIZZA PARTY DAY event at the Greenwich BGC StopOver store last Tuesday (May 16).

Aside from the sweet and juicy pineapples, Greenwich Hawaiian Overload also has two kinds of savory ham, smoky bacon, green bell peppers, double layer of mozzarella and cheddar cheese on a freshly baked pizza crust!

Now that’s about seven awesome reasons to CHOOSE a Hawaiian Overload Pizza for your Pizza Party Day anyday!

Here’s a step by step on how to make a delicious Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza with Chef Sara:

Greenwich Pizza was founded in 1971 and went on a massive expansion in 1994 after Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired majority of its shares and finally getting ownership status of the brand in 2006. With over 300 stores nationwide, Greenwich, like Jollibee, became the first locally grown brand to make it out as a household name in the Philippines.

But Greenwich today is more than just Pizza!

I love their Lasagna Supreme. Also, their Overloaded, Pizza & Pasta and Chicken Meals are SUPER SULIT for budget conscious on-the-go individuals like myself.

I also enjoyed their new Hawaiian Lemon Slush and Berry Slush! Perfect for the weather we’re all having right now!

Present during the #LoveHawaiianOverload PIZZA PARTY DAY is Greenwich Execs Kit Ang and Cookie Cabrera.

Kit Ang
Cookie Cabrera

While Pizza Party Day ended yesterday (May 19) you can be sure that with Greenwich Pizza on the table, it’s always a “Pizza Party Day” any day – make it a Hawaiian Overload Pizza with Berry Slush and go tropical anytime and anywhere!

CALL Greenwich Delivery now #55555 

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