Live Healthy, Stay Happy!

Friends tell me that this is EASIER SAID THAN DONE and they maybe right. As more people embrace new global trends specially in food and lifestyles, many struggles in distinguishing which of the trends are good for our well being and which have detrimental effects in the long run.

However, global trends today dictates a return to a healthier lifestyle which resulted to the booming health and wellness industry all over the world and here in the Philippines.

We now hear of various spa treatments, food and supplements that boost wellness as well as groceries and restaurants that promotes the “go organic-go natural” philosophy.

While many attributes our bad habits to technological advances, manufacturers are now using technology as a way to counter its own bad effects and help people live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

TEFAL, for example, recently introduced some its new home appliances in the market that promotes health and wellness in every homes.

A world leader in small domestic appliances, TEFAL sees the importance of equipping Filipino families with innovative home and kitchen appliances which give them more reasons to embrace their daily tasks and perform them with ease.

Last Friday (May 12), TEFAL organized a special event called “Experience TEFAL” held at the showrooms of Abenson in BGC Taguig organized in partnership with the brand’s local distribution company Collins International Trading Corporation.

Present during the event are Tefal and Collins executives as well as ambassadors “Chef Next Door” celebrity Chef Jonas Ng and Chef Maria Sonia Astudillo.

Chef Jonas Ng
photo: starmometer

Understanding the limitations of the regular kitchen and the constraints that most individuals encounter on a daily basis, TEFAL has developed appliances that are innovative, efficient, and practical.  From Electrical Cooking, Food & Drink Preparation, to Linen Care and Home Care, TEFAL’s innovations will be redefining the Filipino home experience and bringing it to a new level.

Here are some of the TEFAL branded products I’ve personally ‘experienced’ during the event:


The TEFAL Upright Garment Steamer INSTANT CONTROL is a complete system that offers an exclusive vertical press and steam feature for an effortless steaming session. It comes with a heavy duty hand held steam head with extra large aluminum soleplate and pointed tip to remove creases efficiently on all kinds of fabric. It also has a removable base 1.7 liter water tank that allows long steaming sessions possible and its patented press and steam vertical support surface.

The full system also includes a brush, a lint pad, a crease attachment, a glove and integrated hanger.

Another version of the INSTANT CONTROL is an upright garment steamer called MINUTE STEAM that has bigger water tank (2.4L).

Aside from the Upright Garment Steamer system, TEFAL also has a Handheld Garment Steamer called ACCESS STEAM, a corded portable 200ml garment steamer that you can use anytime and anywhere.

TEFAL enumerates the advantages of using a garment steamer as compared to the traditional flat iron:

  • It saves time – heats up in 45 seconds tops
  • No ironing board needed
  • Safe on all kinds of fabric
  • eliminates creases
  • refreshes and sanitizes – because it’s steam

Now if you’re the type that’s a little bit more conventional, TEFAL still has the traditional heat iron system and steam hybrids. But the difference of the TEFAL brand with the other products in the market is in the quality of its soleplates.

For example, the TEFAL EASYGLISS iron already has a Durillium Technology Soleplate and an Anti-calc self-cleaning feature. For their more economical product lines, they offer iron systems that has either a non-stick, aluminum, ceramic or Actif soleplates.

For example, the CALORE 20 2-in-1 Dry & Steam Iron sports a non-stick soleplate that irons 2x faster than your regular flat iron.

For the kitchen, TEFAL also has a lot of different ingenious innovations:


Blendforce is TEFAL’s blender line equipped with the Tripl’ Ax Technology that has 2 dented upward blades, 1 dented + serrated horizontal blades and 2 serrated downward blades that will give your kitchen the best blending experience ever.


Fruit Sensation is TEFAL’s compact glass blender that’s also an instant 600ml glass jug. It also includes attachment for chopping (fruits/vegetables) and grinding (coffee/beans/nuts).


For juice extraction, TEFAL has the brands FRUTELIA and EASY FRUIT that gets the job nicely done.


However if you want MORE juice, MORE versatility and MORE Vitamins and Minerals on your drink – you need to have the INFINY PRESS, TEFAL’s version of the Slow Juicer that is easier to use and clean-up than the leading brands.

TEFAL also have other small kitchen appliances that gives each homes the biggest advantages like Electric Kettles, Coffee Maker, Bread Toaster, Sandwich Maker, Rice Cooker, MultiCooker, Fryers, Grillers, Food Processor, Hand Blender, Mixers, Choppers and Food Steamers.


TEFAL’s innovative 4-layer ceramic coated pot has a unique diamond-shaped pattern that contributes to even heat diffusion and better cooking, resulting in tasty and fluffy rice. It is very durable, resistant to scratches, and cleans very easily (no need to soak!). Enjoy its versatility with 10 automatic cooking programs like a fun Cake function to make meal times more enjoyable.


When you can’t get enough of your deep-fried picks such as French fries, sausages or fried chicken, TEFAL Fry Delight serves up the same fried taste and texture that you love, but with less oil. This low-fat fryer with Air Pulse Technology keeps food crisp on the outside and cooked tender on the inside, all while making usage and post-cooking cleanup fast and easy.


This 3 level food steamer has a patented compact storage system and an aquatimer that has indicators for water level and cooking time.

To help kick off the LIVE HEALTHY and STAY HAPPY campaign, all TEFAL small domestic electrical appliances will be 20% off, from May 10 to 31, 2017.

TEFAL Small Domestic Appliances are exclusively distributed by Collins International Trading Corporation in the Philippines. For more information about TEFAL promos and the “Live Healthy, Stay Happy” campaign, visit its Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tefalappliancephilippines.



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