It has been three years since I first met actress Gabrielle Louise Lopez – introduced by GMA Artist Center as GABBI GARCIA in the hit TV series “My Destiny” together with Ashley Ortega and on-screen partner Ruru Madrid.

Her acting debut in 2014 was on primetime and with direk Bb Joyce Bernal. At that time I already saw many great things happening to this very young kapuso talent and she did not disappoint – she won one of two nominations for that show and has since then became 1/2 of the most bankable on-screen tandem of GMA “GabRu”.

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Now that she’s 18, Gabbi Garcia is treading a new path in her career as an artist. Maturing from the ‘teeny bopper’ outfit that she virtually wore in showbiz for almost three years, she is now considered a hot item in her own “solo” right.

Aside from being a Bench model, she recently lands an international endorsement deal for the brand Pantene.

During an intimate blogcon held at Alab Restaurant a week ago, GMA Artists Center AVP for Talent Imaging and Marketing Simoun Ferrer reveals that being an endorser for Pantene is one of Gabbi’s dream-come-true project. The young actress actually mentioned the brand during her preliminary interview with GMA Artist Center as one of the things that she would like to be associated with as a celebrity endorser.

Gabbi shared a couple of stories about her TVC shoot for Pantene at Lake Gairdner in Central South Australia, the third largest salt lake in the continent. There, she drove a top-down white classic mustang at a speed of 100 to show her flawless long hair in action for the camera.

Here’s The TVC:

It was a surreal experience for Gabbi, who still could not contain her excitement for the project. She was the only Filipina on the set and all the attention was on her of course being the brand’s newest international endorser. For this project, she worked with award-winning photographer and filmmaker Oliver Staub, Sydney-based Hollywood Stylist Ellie Goodman, celebrity hair stylist Ken Arthur, and high profile Filipino make-up artist Robbie Pinera.

Gabbi now joins the ranks of other “strong and beautiful” women who wore the Pantene brand like Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Ronda Rousey, Liv Tyler, Priyanka Chopra and many others.

There were other local Filipina personalities who have been named as Pantene brand endorsers but Gabbi is the first one to represent the country in their international campaign – the TVC will be shown in Asia and Australia.

Aside from the Pantene project, Gabbi is also on this month’s cover of Preview Magazine where she does several wet and still fabulous poses for the camera.

I asked her how the title “Fashion Icon” feels like for her – Gabbi said that she will most definitely like that. Though she admits that her style is a bit on the minimalist side of the spectrum and would rather sport comfort than outstanding in most times. But whether she realizes it or not, and with all the attention she’s getting right now on the fashion scene, she is already an emerging fashion icon here in the country.

Now all she has to do is to put a check on two more other things on her list:

  1. Join a beauty pageant and win a crown for the Philippines
  2. Have her own successful music career (which is her first love, by the way)

Gabbi is currently playing the role of San’gre Alena in the GMA Fantaserye “Encantadia 2016.”

Here are some clips of Gabbi during the Blogcon:

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