The Department of Transportation together with Grab Philippines, The World Bank and other partner agencies holds for the first time today a Road Safety Idea Hack 2017 Forum at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas.

The two-part forum is scheduled on March 13 (Monday) and March 18 (Saturday) participated by people from diverse backgrounds, whether in app development, digital media, social science, data sciences, road safety advocacy and all who are excited and interested to learn more about open data and road safety.

According to Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary Mark De Leon, the forum serves as a venue to put emphasis on the importance of a more effective Road Safety Data collection program.

Based on current data collection method aptly called as DRIVER (Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting), the Department of Transportation (DOTr) was able to provide the participants with a birds-eye view on how dangerous our roads were in the past years.

  • 265 crashes per day (or 11 crashes per hour)
  • 53% of the crashes are motorcycle-related
  • Resulting to: Fatalities (15-29 age)
  • Resulting to: 2.25 Billion of economic loses in the past 6 months  (5% of GDP)
  • Resulting to: Traffic Congestion

Mr. De Leon also highlighted the reasons why there is a need for improving data collection methods:

  • Better understanding of road safety problems
  • Acurate diagnosis
  • Targeting mitigating measures
  • Evaluate effectiveness of road safety programs and improvements

At present, traffic and road safety data collection here in Philippines are coming from different agencies with different data collection and reporting templates that makes it hard to make an accurate road safety assessment.

World Bank’s Senior Transportation Economist Holly Krambeck in her talk introduced the idea of Open Transport Partnership (OTP).

OTP is currently developing the next generation of public-private partnerships, policies and tools for facilitating responsible use of private sector data for the public good.

OPEN TRAFFIC is a global partnership program that helps vehicle fleet operators such as GRAB in translate sensitive data streams into anonymized traffic insights for use by the government and the public.

One (1) web-based, open source app + One (1) regional data partnership = congestion monitoring and management across many cities and countries.

“The country is in for an innovative event as people of different professions will be coming together to brainstorm for solutions to road safety problems. Technology and data are at the core of our business and something we’ve been sharing with the Philippine government since April 2016. Grab highly encourages everyone to participate to help make transportation safer for Filipinos,” Grab PH Country Head Brian Cu said.

The Road Safety Idea Hack 2017 also invited interested participants to form teams during the forum and produce ideas, analyses, methodologies, digital media, advocacy campaigns and app prototypes to improve road safety in the Philippines, using OpenTraffic data provided by Grab, road crash data aggregated by the DOTr, and other datasets, such as jeepney routes and school locations.

Four (4) Idea Hack guidelines were presented:

  • Hidden patterns in Philippine road accidents
  • Emergency Response
  • Road Safety Planning
  • How to empower the public to be advocates of road safety

It will be a contest and entries will be judged according to expected impact, creativity, feasibility, and presentation.

The DOTr has already scheduled the launch of DRIVER (Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting) web-based and open-source national system for geo-spatially recording and analyzing road crashes via www.roadsafety.gov.ph

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