MEMORY LANE is described by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as an imaginary path through a nostalgically remembered past —usually used in such phrases as a walk down memory lane.

And what better way to take a trip down memory lane than visiting some well-preserved old photographs the “old-fashioned” way, and with a photo album. There is something special about prints that your computer’s photo folder could never ever replace – I think photo paper has a heart.

FUJIFILM shares in the sentimental nature of Filipinos by taking to heart the importance of preserving valuable photos in tangible prints.

Last year, they launched the well-reserved Photo Diary and then yesterday afternoon (March 9) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas, together with the very pretty, sexy and well-traveled actress BEA ALONZO, FUJIFILM launches its Instax Memory Lane Photo Album.

Bea revealed during the program that being the sentimental person that she is, one of her greatest fears is losing all her photos stored in her phone and PC. Usually a corrupted computer does result in the loss of important files including your stored memories (photos).

She highlighted the importance of having a printed copy of your most important memories and to that she commended the FUJIFILM Instax cameras for giving her two wonderful photo storage advantages:

  • Your photos in an instant – just seconds after you shot a photo, you already get a printed copy
  • The prints is assured that it will not fade very easy – so your photos remains visible for a very long time, even a lifetime

And as an added Instax feature, FUJIFILM Philippines introduces the Memory Lane Photo Album that is made of thick and sturdy bordered pages where you can easily insert your Instax prints.

The album is also made with specially printed paper from japan that enhances all your shots instantly. But of course, it leaves you more space for creativity because you also have the option to decorate it the way you like it using scrapbook materials and almost anything that you want.

The Memory Lane Album is bundled with the Instax Mini 8 and a range of FUJIFILM digital cameras. There three variants:

  • Instax Memory Lane Package (Instax mini 8, Film 10 sheets, Memory Lane Album, Pen Marker)
  • XA3 Memory Lane Package (XA3 Camera, Instax Share SP-2, Film 10 sheets, Memory Lane Album, Pen Marker)
  • XA10 Memory Lane Package (XA10 Camera, Instax Mini 7s, Film 10 sheets, Memory Lane Album, Pen Marker)

Instax arts & crafts parties will definitely get even more fun and interesting with the Memory Lane Album – so buy it, gift it and enjoy!

photo by Fujifilm Instax Philippines


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