Archiving is the process of storing various files of information and historical data in a protected environment where it can be preserved for posterity reasons.

If you’re enjoying the shows of the local cable channel Jeepney TV which features old ABS CBN shows like my favorites, “Ryan Ryan Musikahan” and “ASAP Remix” – this is of course thanks to a process called “archiving.”

This is only one entertainment-oriented organization, now imagine the impact of properly archived societal records to our future generations.

Actually, Filipinos, who are mostly sentimental, have this ability built-in within their cores. I for one owns a written journal that’s been around since high school, bags and bags of memorabilia like old tickets, stamps, letters, coins, wrappers and almost anything that may look like junk to other people but to me it’s priceless memories.

In fact, my being sentimental, is the reason why I have this blog in the first place.

Anyway, what I am saying is that proper archiving is such a great process and it could be our greatest gift to our future generations.

Sadly, and in most organizations, millions and millions of historical files and documents are loss due to improper archiving.

With this in mind, Canon Marketing Philippines in cooperation with the NGO MaryLindbert International and the Department of Education launched its advocacy program called SIKAP.

SIKAP which is short for School Immersion and Key Advancement Program is a program that focuses on the importance of effective archiving and history.

Its main objective is to provide students, teachers and parents a better perspective on how to take proper care of pertinent and important documents relevant to their daily lives, help them recognize and reinforce knowledge and skills in both digital and physical archiving and to afford them easy access to high quality printing and scanning devices that enables enrichment of academic and creative skills.

This campaign will be piloted in select schools in the National Capital Region. Teaching guides and learning materials will be given free to all participating schools.

The SIKAP advocacy program which carries the tagline “Pages Beyond Words” was launched two days ago (Feb 20) at the DepEd NCR office in Quezon City. The highlight of the event was the sealing of partnership between stakeholders Canon Marketing Philippines, DepEd and MaryLindbert International.

The parties were represented by Canon Senior Director Jose Abelardo Bolima, Canon Markeing Manager Kristine Adeline Dacanay, Mary Lindbert International President and CEO Erlinda Legaspi, MaryLindbert International Vice President Alberto Rosal, and from DepEd Dr. Ponciano Menguito, Dr. Wilfredo Cabral, Dr. Paraluman Giron, Mr. Pier Angelo Alejo, Atty. Wade Latawan and Dr. Jocelyn Marcial.

The event was concluded with a ceremonial handover of the SIKAP teaching and learning materials.

Entertainment was also provided by the talented young girls and boys of the Araullo High School Chorale who performed their a capella rendition of the OPM song “Anak” and “Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso.”

To coincide with the launch, Canon is also holding a scrapbooking contest for the students. GO TO the Canon Marketing Philippines Facebook Page for more details.

In a special message, Canon Marketing Philippines President and CEO Mr. Lim Kok Hin said,

“Our advocacy aims to see every student know his past, live at present and move forward to the future. With awareness, knowledge and recognition of the value of archiving we are assured that all pertinent documents we usually take for granted like Birth Certificates, Marriage Contracts, Insurances, School Records, Contracts among others, will not be loss.”

And with the PEOPLE POWER commemoration happening this coming Saturday, let us look to the archives so that we may learn more about our past to better see what the future holds for us.  And remember,

Those who choose to forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

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